Top Logistical Issues Auto Transport Companies Face


Auto transport companies face a tremendous amount of logistical issues quite frequently. Some of these logistical issues are dependent on the specific transport requests that are made, but many of them are universal. Understanding the logistical issues that auto transport companies often face will help to give clarity to what they go through and why sometimes you are faced with added expenses and/or delays with your auto transport order.


It’s much easier for an auto transport company to pick up and deliver your vehicle if it’s close by a common route or a major city. If you choose door-to-door shipping and your vehicle is located in a remote area, it can make it much more difficult for the auto transport broker and carrier to map out a route that is profitable for them and gets your vehicle delivered in a reasonable amount of time. That’s why you will often be charged more in that case, unless you’re willing to drive your vehicle to a designated pick-up location that’s closer to a known area.

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Weather / Seasons

Furthermore, if you need your vehicle transported during the winter in an area that experiences frequent snow storms, blizzards, and so forth, this also causes logistical issues. Auto transport companies often have to deal with closed roads and highways, and even state of emergencies. In order to get around this, they will have to plan out a new route, which can be a much longer route than what was originally intended. The auto transport carrier will have to deal with extra fuel costs, not to also mention the costs of food and lodging for the driver.

Many times, even during the summer, such as during hurricane season, these logistical issues can come up unexpectedly.

Filling Up Auto Transport Trucks

An auto transport broker tries to find an auto transport carrier as fast as possible for the client to ensure that their vehicle can be transported in a reasonable amount of time. But finding a carrier can be hard or more expensive during certain times of the year. Most of the carriers, especially ones with open-air trailers, will only leave if their load is completely full or reaches a certain amount, as that results in the best profit margins for them. For many carriers, it’s not worth it otherwise.

On the other hand, during busy times of the year, it can be hard to find a carrier with space on it, meaning that a smaller, enclosed trailer carrier could be the only option for last minute auto transport. This is much more costly, and, as a result, auto transport companies have no choice but to charge their customers more in this scenario.

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