The Relaxing of Car Import Laws in Australia

If you live outside of the United States and want to import a vehicle into another country, it’s important to be aware of the various import laws that each particular country may have. Even within the European Union, there are specific import laws that are unique to each individual country.

While a company such as A-1 Auto Transport will be able to help you out with all of the particularities, it’s nonetheless necessary to have a basic knowledge of the country’s import laws that you’re planning on importing to.

Australia is one such country that has a variety of stringent import laws, as its isolated nature means that it is much more guarded about what comes in and out of its country in comparison to other countries. Recently, the Australian Government passed new measures that have significantly relaxed their import laws for car buyers, which is going to be tremendously beneficial for car enthusiasts and those who are interested in purchasing a new vehicle.

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How It Affects New Car Imports.

Starting in 2018, those who wish to import new cars into Australia will be able to benefit from the newly-relaxed import laws. Currently, those wishing to import brand new vehicles into Australia have to do so by dealing with local car dealers. Now, this is no longer the case, as they will be able to cut out the middle man.

This is beneficial because it will result in lower prices for new cars, as there will be a major increase in competition. It will also lead to Australians having access to a whole new variety of different car models and car options that they never had before.

Nonetheless, there are still some important considerations to consider regarding new car import laws, which are mainly the following:

  • Buyers can only purchase one new car every two years.
  • All vehicles have to be right hand drive, have equal to or less than 500km on their odometer, and not be older than one year old.
  • Every single vehicle has to be registered online through a special database.

How It Affects Classic and Exotic Car Imports.

Those who are into importing classic and exotic cars will also be able to benefit. The main benefit is that the current $12,000 per vehicle import duty on classic cars and exotic cars will be removed starting in 2018. The only requirements are: 

  • Each car must be at least 25 years old.
  • Or they must be on a special register/database for specialist, classic, and enthusiast vehicles.

Australia has plenty of car enthusiasts. With these newly relaxed import laws, soon Australians will be able to have more freedom in choosing a vehicle to import that meets their needs. Not only will they be paying less through decreased prices for new cars, but by cutting out the middleman, the process will also be more affordable and less complicated. This is a win-win for both auto manufacturers and Australians!

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