The Least Stressful Cities in America

The least stressful cities in America aren’t necessarily the biggest or most famous ones. In fact, they’re actually the opposite in many instances. Big cities such as New York City and Los Angeles may be the most popular cities to live in, but popular does not always mean the best. Here’s a list of the some the least stressful cities in America:

1. Salt Lake City, Utah

Situated in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah is one of the least stressful cities in the United States. Not only does it have an extremely low unemployment rate, but there is very little commute time and the cost of living is cheap.

The nearby mountains mean that ski resorts are never far away, and the residents in Salt Lake City have a nice balance between work and recreation.

2. Rochester, New York

Like with Salt Lake City, commute times to work in Rochester are much shorter than average. It’s a small enough city where nothing is very far away, as everywhere can be reached in 15 to 20 minutes by car.

It’s also a very affordable city to live in.

Unemployment has been an issue here, but there has been a renewed effort, including by the Obama Administration, to create more jobs in it.

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3. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina has a very low unemployment rate and crime rate. Its home prices are around the national median average at $215,000, but the cost of living is low.

Not only is it the state capital, but it’s also where North Carolina State University resides, which gives this small city a lively feel.

Featuring a litany of parks and green areas, it’s also very close to both beaches and mountains.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota has one of the best averages of residents who are not living below the poverty line in any of the major metropolitan areas in the nation. This also includes an extremely low unemployment rate, with many major corporations situated here.

Did we mention that its residents are known for being extremely friendly and affable? The residents here are also above-average in health, and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic is located close by.

In addition, it has an abundance of parks and bike paths that are popular.

One of the only downsides could be the traffic congestion, though steps are being taken to alleviate it.

5. Richmond, Virginia

As a city with an abundance of jobs from the state government and the financial industry, Richmond, Virginia has one of the lowest, if the not the lowest, unemployment rates of all major metro areas in the United States.

Work is also not very stressful either in Richmond due to the short work commute times and moderate work hours.

The cost of living is also reasonable, and the city is poised to only get better in the future.

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