The Ins and Outs of Shipping a Truck by Train

Truck shipping by rail isn’t as common as other ground transport methods, but it’s another option that many find appealing. Trying to find a transporter that ship by rail might prove difficult these days. Most major railroad lines won’t transport vehicles or at least not one or two at a time. By going through a broker, you can avoid all the time it takes to find a reliable shipping company that ships trucks by train.

The Ins and Outs of Shipping a Truck by Train

A lot of transport companies that ship trucks by train will charge for transshipments. Make sure you ask about transshipments and how much it will cost. Transshipment means that your truck was dropped off at another location to board another train before it reaches its destination. See if there is any way you can avoid this if you wish to keep the cost of shipping down.

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Open Versus Enclosed Transport by Rail.

More and more auto transport companies are getting into the ship by train services. Although this was once the main form of transporting goods, many transporters have chosen to use cargo trucks throughout the years. Now, shipping vehicles by rail is becoming increasingly popular once again. It’s up to you to decide if you prefer to ship your truck by way of open air or an enclosed method. When you ship by train, open air and enclosed shipping services are your options.

  • Open air transport leaves your truck exposed to outside elements as it is secured to the train for its delivery. This is the least expensive option and many people shipping short distances or multiple vehicles at once will choose this method.
  • Enclosed transport protects the truck within four metal walls. The truck is placed inside a large shipping container. The container may also store other household items shipping with the truck. The cost of the container is slightly more expensive but may individuals will split the space and cost of this service with another person.

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