How To Ship Your TAC.

If you are looking to move cross country, one of the things to consider is finding a car company to transport your vehicle for you. Car shipping companies can also be useful in situations where one has sold or bought a vehicle to or from an individual located in another country.

It is the most convenient way of moving vehicles long distance. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when thinking of moving that TAC

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It is important to remember that rates vary from day to day. What one person was charged a few months ago might no longer be the same today. Prices vary depending on different factors, including the distance fuel cost, trucking routes and the availability of drivers. The car shipping industry also has high and low seasons, where demand and supply balance might determine the cost of the car transportation services. When asking for quotes, make sure you ask the company how long the estimate might be good for, or whether their rates change every day.

Shipping Options.

Different auto shipping companies offer different shipping options. The two main decisions one has to make are between open and enclosed carriers and single or multi-carriers. Enclosed carriers are typically more expensive than the open carriers, and tend to only ferry the on vehicle. They might be ideal for vintage classics and high end cars. Open carriers are cheaper, and can carry any number of vehicles from a single car to ten at a time. The single vehicle carriers are more expensive than multi-carriers. There is little possibility of stops being made, and one can have a more accurate estimate of their delivery date. In the multi-car open carriers, having one’s car ride at the topmost bunker might be more expensive since the car is protected from damage by road debris.

Rules and regulations.

It is important to read widely about the rules and regulations that govern the auto transport industry. For instance all auto transporters, interstate and overseas operators alike, are required to carry licenses by the federal motor carrier safety administration to operate across state lines. There might also be a need for licenses within the specific states they operate. It is easy to confirm the registration and licensing details of these companies online. Additionally, every car shipping company is required to carry both cargo and liability insurance.Make sure you ask for the specific insurance details of the company before committing.

The car shipping process.

Before beginning the process, there are several steps that customers are advised to take. Make sure you remove all the valuables from the car, including documents from the glove compartment, as they will likely not be covered by insurance. Remove all the clutter or luggage. In some situations, car transport companies might be fined for carrying luggage in the vehicles they transport, or for exceeding a certain weight limit. Make sure you are present during the inspection of the car to check the report and confirm everything reported to be true.

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