Storing Your Vehicle Long Term

If you plan on going abroad for a considerable amount of time, are simply relocating for awhile and don’t need your vehicle, have purchased a new vehicle while still wanting to keep your old one, or whatever the reason may be, you will have to store your vehicle for an extended period of time. But many people that do this often make many mistakes and don’t take the necessary precautions that are needed, which can end up potentially leading to the vehicle becoming damaged or broken into.

Planning on long term vehicle storage

If you’re planning on long term vehicle storage, here’s what you need to do.

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Make Sure to Prep It

You should make sure that you clean your vehicle completely before you leave it. Make sure that you wash the exterior and the interior and throw away any garbage that may be in it. You don’t want any mold to build-up or to accidentally leave a bottle of juice inside somewhere underneath the seat.

In addition, another important step is to make sure that all of the fluids of the vehicle are full. You may think that you don’t need to keep a full tank in it, but actually, you should. Having a full tank of gasoline means that there will be less airspace present inside of it, thus severely limiting the possibility of rust build-up. Be careful though! You have to buy a fuel stabilizer in order to prevent gasoline breakdown, which will damage both the engine and the fuel line.

Try to Store It Indoors

Your vehicle should ideally be stored indoors. More specifically, it should be stored indoors in an environment that is cool and dry. An indoor location protects your vehicle from the weather and the elements, which can really do some damage to it. Plus, an indoor setting is also much more secure.

If you have a car garage, great! If not, there are some private companies that store vehicles long term. However, if you have no choice and must store it outside, make sure to buy a heavy tarp to put over it.

Take Some Precautions

You should make sure to take some precautions with your vehicle, which are:

  • To cover the tailpipe and any other noticeable entry points. That’ll help keep away bugs and even small animals like mice. A good idea is to put moth balls around it. The last thing that you want is a small family of creatures living in your vehicle while you’re gone!
  • To remove the battery and clean the connections around it.
  • To make sure that each tire has an equal amount of pressure in it.
  • To take off the wipers off the windshield so that they don’t stick to it.
  • To wax the exterior to give the paint an extra layer of protection.

With a little careful planning and some extra steps taken, you’ll be able safely and confidently store your car until you need it again. Good luck!

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