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Stark County is considered among the more popular counties in Ohio. Over the centuries, the county has evolved to become one of the busiest in the state, with industrial works, education and sports topping its activities. Apart from that, guests from all over the country flock the Fawcett Stadium in Canton City for the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Game which stars the biggest names in NFL. Given the large crowds visiting the region and the busy socio-economic profile of Stark County, guests are advised to bring their cars along during their visit so as to avoid the complex public transport service in the county. A-1 Auto Transport offers the safest and most reliable services when shipping cars to or from Stark County.


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Our scope of service

Guest, students, residents and companies, get to enjoy timely and professional car delivery services across all areas in Stark County. We know the socio-economic profile of Stark County like the back of our hands, allowing us to offer home delivery services.

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We serve Alliance, Canal Fulton, Louisville, Massillon, North Canton, Beach City, Brewster, East Canton, East Sparta, Hartville, Hills and Dales, Limaville, Magnolia, Minerva, Meyers Lake, Navarre, Waynesburg, Wilmot, Bethlehem, Canton, Jackson, Lake, Lawrence, Lexington, Marlboro, Nimishillen, Osnaburg, Paris, Perry, Pike, Plain, Sandy, Sugar Creek, Tuscarawas, Washington, Greentown, Marlboro, North Lawrence, Perry Heights, Richville, Robertsville, Uniontown, Avondale, Cairo, Crystal Springs, East Greenville, Freeburg, Harrisburg, Justus, Mapleton, Marchand, Maximo, McDonaldsville, Middlebranch, New Baltimore, New Franklin, Newman, North Industry, Pigeon Run, Sippo and Waco. We also stretch our scope of service when shipping cars to or from Stark County. We offer our Stark car shipping services to clients from the neighboring Portage County, Mahoning County, Columbiana County, Carroll County, Tuscarawas County, Holmes County, Wayne County and Summit County.


  • College car shipping services: Thousands of college and university students in Stark County travel to various destinations during semester breaks. Driving for miles to different states can get boring. Instead, we offer discounted college car shipping services for students and staff members. We ship the cars from the campus to any location across America as you catch a flight to your destination. Brown Mackie College, Kent State University at Stark, Malone University and Walsh University among others are some of the institutions whose students get to enjoy affordable Stark County college car shipping services.
  • Electric car shipping: While conventional cars use gas for fuel, electric cars use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Such batteries are heavier than those found in normal cars. They are also more susceptible to overheating and exploding if not handled with care. A-1 Auto Transport has years of experience in safely shipping electric cars over long distances. Besides, experience is the best teacher, right? Read more about this service here.

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Zip codes included in Stark County

  • 44601 – Alliance
  • 44608 – Beach City
  • 44613 – Brewster
  • 44614 – Canal Fulton
  • 44626 – East Sparta
  • 44630 – Greentown
  • 44632 – Hartville
  • 44640 – Limaville
  • 44641 – Louisville
  • 44643 – Magnolia
  • 44646 – Massillon
  • 44647 – Massillon
  • 44648 – Massillon
  • 44650 – Maximo
  • 44652 – Middlebranch
  • 44657 – Minerva
  • 44662 – Navarre
  • 44666 – North Lawrence
  • 44669 – Paris
  • 44670 – Robertsville
  • 44685 – Uniontown
  • 44688 – Waynesburg
  • 44689 – Wilmot
  • 44701 – Canton
  • 44702 – Canton
  • 44703 – Canton
  • 44704 – Canton
  • 44705 – Canton
  • 44706 – Canton
  • 44707 – Canton
  • 44708 – Canton
  • 44709 – Canton
  • 44710 – Canton
  • 44711 – Canton
  • 44714 – Canton
  • 44718 – Canton
  • 44720 – North Canton
  • 44721 – Canton
  • 44730 – East Canton
  • 44735 – Canton
  • 44750 – Canton
  • 44767 – Canton
  • 44799 – Canton

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