Standby Auto Transport

Even though many auto transport companies, such as A-1 Auto Transport, do their best to try and provide affordable quotes for standard auto transport services, it can still be too much for some to afford. Others may simply be on the lookout for the best rates possible. That’s where standby auto transport comes in. Standby auto transport may be beneficial for some, as it is offered at a lower price, but it’s not for everyone. Here’s an overview:

What Exactly is “Standby Auto Transport?”

Standby auto transport is similar to other standby services, such as those offered by some airlines, in which you’ll pay a lower cost than with standard shipping. When choosing the standby auto transport option, there’s a lot of uncertainty involved, as it depends on what carriers are driving through your needed route and whether or not they have enough space on their transport truck. Carriers will only pick up your vehicle if they’re already driving through that area, have enough space, and/or are truly desperate for the money.

It’s not usually an advertised service since most people either are not aware that it’s offered or do not have a need for it. In addition, auto transport carriers tend to shy away from offering standby auto transport, since it means less money in their pocket. If a carrier has one spot to fill on his or her trailer and has the option between a shipment paying $400 as opposed to $200, you can guess which one of the two will be picked. Auto transport brokers do not make much of an effort to try and find carriers for standby pickups as a result.

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Should You Consider It?

Standby auto transport is not for most people, but there are some circumstances in which it might be a viable option for you. You should definitely consider standby auto transport if:

  • You do not have an actual need for your vehicle for the next several months;


  • You cannot afford standard auto transport rates at the moment.

Standby auto transport services can take up to several months, and even longer in some cases, for your vehicle to even be picked up. To be safe, you should make sure that you do not have a need for your vehicle for at least 4 months from the time that you first arrange for standby auto transport.

Keep in mind that some auto transport companies would be able to discount their standard shipping rates in certain cases if you negotiate with them, especially if it’s a slow time, or will possibly even allow you to pay in installments. You should always try to choose standard shipping if you can since it’s far more reliable.

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