Shipping Cars Overseas by Air

Shipping Cars Overseas by Air

Anyone relocating to another nation is probably concerned with how they’ll get their cars and other belongings to the new location. While there are ways to transport cars and goods by ground or boat, some individuals prefer to use air shipping methods. Perhaps the biggest downfall with air shipping is that it cost much more than any alternative options. In fact, most individuals can’t afford to use air shipping due to its higher price. What makes air shipping so appealing is how quickly it delivers as well as the amount of security it provides.


Shipping Cars Overseas by Air since 1989


The greatest candidates for air transport include those with a substantial amount of money and extremely valuable vehicles they must have relocated internationally. For example, let’s say you own a Lamborghini Aventador, air shipping it to the new nation might be in your best interest. Shipping it by plane will carry far fewer risks and ensure its safe delivery. You vehicle will also have a much better chance at arriving around the same time you do, especially if it is on the same carrier plane that you are.

What You Need to Ship Your Cars Internationally

There is a lot that’s needed when you decide to ship your cars overseas. Not only will you need to provide certain information to the aircraft carrier but you’ll need to appease Customs by showing them proof of certain information before your vehicles are even given permission to import.

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The proof that you’ll need to provide is completely dependent on the country you’re trying to ship your cars to. Each nation has its own set of import laws pertaining to vehicles and all household goods.

Here’s What You’ll Likely Need for the Air Carrier…

  • Original Title and Registration
  • Year, Make and Model
  • The Car’s Measurements
  • License Plate and VIN Number
  • The Name, Address and Contact Information of the Person Shipping the Cars
  • The Name, Address and Contact Information of the Person Receiving the Cars Overseas
  • The Type of Shipping Services Selected. EX: Door to Door, Terminal to Terminal, etc.

As for the information you must gather for Customs, you can contact the embassy of the nation you’re shipping to. They’re able to provide you with all the information and knowledge you need, including the current tax rates and most up to date import laws. Give yourself at least a month to collect all the right data.

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