Ship Car To Villa Elisa

Ship Your Car To Or From Villa Elisa, Paraguay

Villa Elisa is located in the central district of Paraguay, and is a suburb of Asuncion. The Swedish descendants are the only ones that lived there initially but is one of the important regions in the metro area of Asuncion.

If you want to move to or visit in Villa Elisa, you will want to bring your vehicle with you in order to get around when it best suits your schedule. Transporting a vehicle can run anywhere from $2,300 to $4,700 or more. There are a variety of shipping charges as well as additional fees that can be added to the final cost of shipping your vehicle.

While it is not always an easy task to transport a vehicle from the United States to Paraguay, it can be done. Paraguay is landlocked so Argentine that is the next neighboring country that accepts imports for Paraguay. Once the vehicle reaches the port, it will be checked out by customs and then released. It can be driven by truck to your final point in Paraguay.

Ship Your Car To Or From Villa Elisa, Paraguay

Importing Personal Vehicles

If you are transporting a vehicle to Villa Elisa, you will need to understand the layout of this country. Because it is landlocked, it also has no access to the coast which also means there are no sea ports to send freights in or out. The Argentinean port is where most of the transports coming to Paraguay will go. It is important that you have an experienced transport company to handle these transports for you. They know everything you need to know about this process and can help you along the way. An A1 Auto Transport agent can help you gather up the necessary paperwork, pick up your vehicle and drive it to port, pick up your vehicle from Argentina and oversee the entire transport. Working with someone who has experience in the field is not only time effective and wise but also cost effective as well.

Documents are very important and are required throughout the importing process. The correct documentation will ensure that your vehicle will leave the port in the United States and arrive in Argentina on time. Without the proper paperwork, you may experience some delays that can prove to be costly. Some documents you will need to provide Paraguay customs department include:

  • Bill of lading
  • Your driver’s license
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle
  • Your work/residence permit in Paraguay
  • Proof of purchase of the vehicle
  • Clear title
  • Your passport
  • Custom clearance certificate issued at the port in the United States.

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Shipping Methods

There are several options to choose from when shipping your vehicle from the United States to another location. One of these choices includes the method in which you will ship. Currently, a vehicle can be shipped by way of Roll On/ Roll Off method or container shipping method. Which one is right for you?

If you choose Roll On/ Roll Off method of shipping, you will need to prepare your vehicle for shipping. This includes cleaning out the vehicle inside and out, leaving only one quarter tank of gas, and only the car jack, a spare tire, and a set of keys can be inside the vehicle. Everything else must be taken out of the vehicle prior to it being loaded. Your shipping agent will be able to give you a list of tasks you can do to prepare your vehicle. Once your vehicle is ready, it will be loaded onto the deck of the ship by driving it up directly on its own power. It will be parked in a bay designated for your vehicle and strapped down so it don’t move during transport. Once the ship reaches the port, it will then be driven off the ship and into the hands of the port authority for clearance. This method of shipping is the most affordable way to ship a vehicle and hence is chosen most often due to that fact alone.

If you own a luxury vehicle, a classic vehicle, or a very nice vehicle that you don’t want exposed to the rough elements at sea, you may want to choose the container shipping method instead. With this method of shipping, you will place your vehicle in either a twenty foot container or a forty foot container where there will be enough room to place any household items you wish to ship when you ship your vehicle there too. Once filled, your container will be sealed and placed on the deck of the ship for the trip. Once it reaches the new port, it will be unloaded by way of crane to the port authority where it will be inspected and released. While this method of shipping is more expensive, it does provide the maximum protection of your vehicle, your investment. You can find out more about shipping a vehicle by contacting the Embassy of Paraguay.

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