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Velika Gorica is the most populous and largest city in Zagreb County in Croatia. It’s also the historical hub of the Turopolje region. The scenic city is fast becoming a popular tourist destination due to the historical significance it holds.

If you plan on moving to Velika Gorica, you should consider getting your own vehicle with you. This is especially true if you are from the US because the prices of importing vehicles are considerably lower than trying to buy a new car in Croatia. Thus, importing your vehicle from USA is the better choice. At A1 Auto Transport service, we’ll look at all aspects of the logistics and provide you with all the help you need to ensure a hassle-free and quick import without any issues. We have over two decades of professional shipping experience and we are well aware of all the requirements of the Croatian government.

There are quite a lot of Ports in Croatia such as Split, Dubrovnik and Bakar and you will have the chance of picking between container shipping and Roll on/Roll off. There are weekly freight ships between the USA and Croatia so the overall transit time is rather short. There is an 8% duty on vehicles from outside the EU apart from the levies and the taxes you’d have to pay. You will also have to get the vehicle registered in Croatia.

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Documentation Process.

If you want to ensure that the entire process is legit, you have to submit quite a lot of documents before arrival to the Croatian Customs Department. The U.S. Customs is also going to require documents to allow you the export. They include:

  • Homologation form for the Certificate E25.
  • Purchase Invoice.
  • Title Deed.
  • Sales contracts notarized and stamped.
  • Loading Bill.

What is Homologation?

The Homologation certificate is issued when your vehicle complies with the environmental regulations of the EU. If it doesn’t – the car needs to be additionally modified. Croatia doesn’t have facilities for that but you can get it done in the USA, Spain or Germany prior to the import. You can check with the A1 Auto Transport as they are going to provide you with additional information on the matter.

Get the car ready.

In order to get your vehicle ready to ship, you would have to get insurance, remove your personal belongings, note all of the dents and get verification from the agency, fill ¼ of a gas tank and clean the vehicle to avoid quarantine times.

Customs Duties and Shipping Options.

Import duty which is going to be based on the value of your vehicle that has to be paid. The engine capacity is one of the factors that is counted when duty is to be levied. Cars with 1600cc engines have to pay 50% import duty while those vehicles with over 1600cc engines have to pay 100% duty. Additionally, when you are importing a vehicle from non-EU country like USA, there is additional 8% import tax and 3% to 48% VAT. Furthermore, you will have to get local registration plates if you’ve decided to stay for more than 3 months.

If you need a quote from A1 Auto Transport, you will need to decide on the shipping options. These are as follows:

  • Roll on/Roll off: this is usually the most preferred choice as it’s the cheapest one. You have to get the vehicle emptied out and leave nothing but the floor mats, car jack and spare tire in it.
  • Container shipping: this is appropriate if you want to get other personal belongings shipped with your vehicle or you have an expensive car and need an additional layer of protection.


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