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The largest and the most prosperous village on the Eastern Tutuila Island Coast, Tafuna is on the northern side of international Pago Pago airport on the peninsula. Also, it is 1 mile towards the southern end of Nu’uuli in American Samoa. Importing vehicles here is not difficult because rules and regulations are not that strict. However, you will need to have the right documents ready and understand the related procedure as well.

Tax and the documentation needs

With a host of applicable rules and taxes, you need to ensure that you are aware of it before shipping your vehicle. The only tax levied is 4% on vehicle import. This is applicable for all items that you bring inside this territory for business or personal use. Document requirements associated with such endeavors include the vehicle registration and the title. You will also need to provide the insurance proof along with a driver’s license copy. Form-3520-21 associated with EPA requirement is on a demand basis. Besides this, you will also have to provide the Form HS-7DOT with OBL and 7501 Customs Forms. For foreign vehicles and those more than 25-years, you will also need to produce EPA permission letter. Finally, do not forget to keep handy the sales bill, invoice, or the value statement associated with the car you want to import. It should mention the year, description, VIN, and the model of the vehicle.

The interesting thing here is that while American Samoa does not have tough rules for vehicle import, the US government does. So, this being a part of American territory you will need to abide by these. Compliance with EPA and DOT policies are must. Make sure your car also comply with emission requirements of EPA, if it is more than 25-years. If you are a non-US citizen, you may import your vehicle to Tafuna for one-year period only after gaining permission from EPA. There will not be any renewals after this time though.

Working with international shipping service

If you want to completely do away with the complexities related to importing vehicles, you need to rely upon professional shipping companies such as our A1 Auto Transport service, as we have a complete understanding of the rules and regulations needed to ship quickly and safely. We will take care of all the necessary documents on your behalf and make the process smooth, worry free. Available shipping methods are varied, but the most popular ones are:

  • Container shipping: You will not only be able to transport your car but your belongings too. The choice of enclosed containers is 20 ft. and 40 feet containers which are sealed after loading. However, the owner of the car and accessories needs to be present at the port of entry to receive and authenticate the vehicle. After custom duty or levied tax is paid, you can drive away your vehicle.
  • Ro/Ro shipping: This is the most common method wherein the car is driven on and off the ship using ramps. It is secured on the ship and you need to adhere to the regulations, which include stripping the car to the bare necessities. You are only allowed spare tire, jack and foot-mats.

To know about the latest regulations and shipping personal vehicles to American Samoa, check with Embassy of American Samoa.

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