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Located some kilometers northwest of Seeb towards the northeastern part of Oman, you will find a coastal city of Seeb. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the leading cities that play an important role in the economy of the country.

You can export your vehicle from the United States to Oman but you may find the process more time consuming and complicated to do it yourself. You could hire A1 Auto Transport Service to take care of it for you. With over twenty years of experience in importing/exporting vehicles, A1 Auto Transport Service will be able to handle the transport for you.

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Shipping requirements in Oman.

We have a network of shipping agents around the world to help with customers’ needs, including clearing your vehicle through customs and delivering it to your choice of destination in Seeb. Since you are only visiting Seeb for a limited time, your vehicle will only be conditionally allowed in the country for a certain amount of time. The Embassy of Oman can assist more as you get closer to your importing day. To import a vehicle, here are the requirements:

  • A clear vehicle title.
  • Driver’s License of the owner.
  • Insurance proof and policy from an insurance company in Oman.
  • Vehicles that have been secured with International Passage Register will be allowed in Oman for a period of six months
  • If a vehicle is not secured by International Passage Register, the vehicle will only be granted three months. However, a one-time extension of three months will be granted as long as the owner of the vehicle pays the duties and the taxes for the additional three months.

International Passage Register will give foreign students a chance to import the vehicles to Seeb as long as they are registered. Oman also honors diplomatic immunity for Ambassadors and representatives from other countries.

Vehicles will be imported duty-free once clearance has been granted for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Everyone else will be subject to pay custom duties and taxes as soon as their vehicle arrives in Seeb. You can contact Oman Customs Department before you vehicle is imported for more information and a copy of the latest regulations.

Roll On/ Roll Off Shipping.

This method of shipping is the most commonly selected means of transporting vehicles to other countries. This type of shipping uses the seas as the means of travel. Vehicles will be driven on to the ship with assistance of ramps. Once on the ship, a vehicle will then be strapped down and secured for safety during travel. The RO-RO method is the cheapest way to transport your vehicle from the US to Oman.

Container Car Shipping.

This method of shipping will allow you to ship your personal items with your car to Oman. The process begins with the collection of your vehicle either at your home or at a certain destination and then driven to the container where it will eventually be loaded onto the ship via crane. Choose from a 20 ft. Container or a 40 ft. container. You can even share a container with someone to help save on expenses. This method is more expensive due to the extra safety measures and paperwork included. However, it may save you money in the long run because you can add your personal items inside.

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