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The beautiful city of Salto in Uruguay is the second most populated city and is considered to be a center of trade in the country. If you are planning to spend considerable time in the city and want to import your vehicle for faster and easy commuting, you need to be aware of the limitations and regulations on vehicle import in Uruguay.

Limitations and restrictions

The rules are stringent and used cars or vehicles can only be imported by citizens of Uruguay. They have to apply for the import authorization at the Ministry of Finance and then clear the Customs before the vehicle is delivered to the owners. However, even the citizens have to be staying abroad for a minimum of three years and the car has to be registered for at least 3 years in the owner’s name.  However, the regulations for importing a new car aren’t difficult to meet. However, all cars and vehicles imported to the country will need to pay the custom duty at the port of entry.

Prepping your car for shipping

You start the process by prepping the vehicle to be shipped. This includes checking for eligibility of the vehicle that has to be shipped. At the US port, you will need to submit documents proving that you have clear title deed or a written statement from the lien holder that the vehicle can be shipped. Additionally, there is other paperwork that has to be completed and submitted including:

  • Original bill of purchase with your name as the purchaser
  • S Custom clearance on the car title deed and driver’s license
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Passport of the vehicle owner
  • Bill of Lading
  • Details of the vehicle- chassis and engine number, model and make

It is best to start the process early so that you can arrange for the different permissions and clearances before the date to ship the vehicle. However, if you have hired the services of A1 Auto Transport service, an experienced international shipping service, we will do it all. We offer a range of services starting from picking your vehicle for delivery to the US port and after been given the authorization letter, we can collect the vehicle in Salto and get the customs cleared.

There are two methods to ship the vehicle to Salto apart from air transportation which is out of question as it is exorbitantly expensive. The other two options are namely:

  • RORO: This is the cheapest mode of freight shipping wherein the car is driven on the ship deck using ramps at the US port and driven off at the Uruguay port. However, you are not allowed to keep any accessories or personal items while the air conditioning gas needs to be removed. It is important to clean the interiors so that the car is not quarantined when it reaches Salto.
  • Container shipping: This is more expensive method as it offers protection to the vehicle and other goods that you are transporting to Salto. The car and goods are sealed within 20 or 40 feet containers and sealed completely. It is protected from pilferage and weather conditions on board the ship during transit.

If you have questions or want to know more about auto import to Uruguay, browse more at the  Uruguayan Embassy in USA.

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