Ship Car To Rufisque

Rufisque is a town which is located in the Dakar region in Senegal, on Cap-Vert Peninsula and it used to be a very important port city. Now, it’s a suburb of the city of Dakar. Senegal has quite a few ports as it borders the Atlantic. The port of Dakar is the largest one of them and you can have your vehicle shipped to the port of Dakar with the different shipping methods.

Even though there are practically three different methods of vehicle transportation. However, only RORO and Container shipping are actually practical and therefore used. The least used method is through air shipping, but it is extremely expensive and not many people can afford it. There are a few things that will impact the cost of the transportation to Senegal. One of them is the door-to-port and the port-to-port service and the next thing to figure out is whether or not you will be using an exclusive container (which is the most expensive), a shared one(less expensive) or you can use the RORO method, which is short for roll-on/roll-off, which means that the car is going to be out on the open on the ship and thus exposed to weather conditions.

Even though container shipping is expensive, it has its benefits – it would allow you to ship other property along with the car. The vehicle and personal goods can be shipped together which are incredibly convenient. You can choose from 20 feet or 40 feet container sizes and you can share it to cut back some expenses.

The next method is the RO/RO, which has limitations that includes emptying the car completely and leave the car jack, floor mats and the spare tire. You have to drive the vehicle on to the deck of the ship.

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Documents required.

There are several important documents that are needed and to meet some requirements as specified by the U.S Customs and Customs Department at Senegal, you have to submit:

  • Ownership proof, insurance and title.
  • Registration Certificate and Bill of Purchase.
  • Vehicles over five years old are permitted in the country.
  • Only one vehicle per family.
  • You must have the Senegalese insurance before picking the vehicle up.
  • You can also import vehicles for military personnel and the one of the UN.

These regulations can be altered any time and you should be aware of the newest updates.  Check with the Embassy of Senegal to know more.

Driving in Senegal.

Unlike many of the surrounding countries, Senegal actually has functioning roadways. There are regional, national roads and even highways. Most of the public roads are paved and easy to commute. However, your safety on the road has to be your own responsibility as there is rash driving and non-adherence to traffic rules many times.

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