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One of the most popular cities, Pakse is the capital city of Laos. It is situated at the confluence of the river Mekong and Xe Don. Importing vehicles to Pakse does not have to be difficult and as per Laos’s laws, the owner needs to be around when the car arrives. In case, you are unable to be there for some reason, you will need to authorize us, at A1 Auto Transport service representative to represent you at the customs. We can help you from picking up the vehicle from your home, delivering it at the local US port and completing all of the custom clearance and legal formalities.

As Laos is a landlocked country, your import to Pakse will reach the nearest Vietnamese port of Ho Chi Minh or the port of Da Nang and then transported through land to Laos. Taxes related to import are high with only diplomats given exemption on the tax and custom duties. Knowing about the document requirements along with the expected costs can prove to be quite beneficial.

Import related taxes

For vehicle import, you will need to pay at least 40% on the value of the car as import tax on an average as per the rules of the Laos Customs Department. You may have to pay an additional fee as well based upon the category of your vehicle. You can categorize it as a luxury car or general good. There is a government prohibition on import of right-hand drive vehicles.

  • General items: Payment includes turnover tax along with the import duty
  • Luxury items: Payment is a combination of turnover tax, import duty, and exercise tax

Besides importing your car permanently, you are allowed to import the vehicle on a temporary basis. This can be for various reasons such as supervision of various projects, for tourism purposes, or business. It is done under temporary imports regime and these vehicles are subjected to re-export within designated periods. When you are shipping your vehicle to Laos, keep an eye for constantly rising expenses. The overall custom cost calculation will depend upon:

  • total vehicle insurance value
  • import price
  • vehicle age
  • type and freight
  • engine size
  • incumbent costs

You will need to consider everything when calculating the total due payments to the government of Laos. Some of the basic details that you will need to provide include invoice detailing vehicle purchase, registration, year of manufacture, VIN, model, and make. At A1 Auto Transport service, we take care of most paperwork and this includes various documentations required for import licenses. For smooth shipping, you will need to give necessary identification.

Methods of shipping to Pakse

For international shipping procedures, when your car clears customs at the domestic US port, it is either driven on board the ship under RORO or enclosed in a 20 feet or 40 feet container under enclosed container shipping method. Thus, you will need to decide how to transport it. Base your judgment on the price and value of the car. For standard vehicles that need to be shipped affordably, RORO works well, but if you have a luxury vehicle that needs protection, then pay a little more send it by container shipping. Know more about the new laws and regulations governing import of vehicles at the Laos Embassy in USA.

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