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Formerly known as Goedgegun, Nhlangano is the 4th biggest city in Swaziland and is the capital of Shiselweni district. The truth is that the employment opportunities have definitely improved and increased over time.

If you plan to move to Nhlangano from the US you might want to consider shipping your car with you in order to have the comfort of driving at will.

However, Swaziland is a land bound country and your car will have to be shipped to a port in South Africa such as Maputa in Mozambique, for instance, and then it has to be driven to Swaziland. Usually, the vehicle is going to be put in a bonded warehouse until the transportation is provided. This is the time when you need to pay your duties and tariffs for importing to Swaziland. Using bonded warehoused doesn’t mean that you need to pay something to the hosting country.

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Necessary documents.

Prior to the export of your vehicle, you would need to provide the US customs with the following documents:

  • Bill of lading.
  • Original title deed.
  • Ownership proof.
  • Bill of sale.
  • Insurance.
  • Power of Attorney (optional).

Furthermore, all vehicles that are imported have to clear all dues as applicable by the Swaziland Revenue Authority. You have to submit ownership proof for at least 1 year in advance prior to the import. The title deed and the purchase invoice also need to be submitted. There are different regulations for private and commercial vehicles but you are only allowed to import one vehicle for your use in a year. There is a lot of additional paperwork that has to be taken care of and it includes:

  • Purchase invoice with chassis and number of the engine
  • Copy of the owner’s passport
  • Certificate for customs and tax clearance
  • Import application from the Finance Ministry
  • Non-citizens need work or residency permit

If you want to ensure speedy delivery you might be better off with clearing the car in advance, remove the air conditioning gas as well as all person items. You need to enumerate the current scratches and sign the certificate in advance.

At the same time, you should be informed that there are two possible shipping methods for you to choose from. The first one is RORO, or as it is also known – Roll-on/Roll-off. The other one is more secure and thus more expensive – that’s the container shipping. If you want to ensure that there are no delays with the entire process, get your vehicle steam cleaned. You would also have to remove all accessories as well as the air conditioning gas, provided you choose the RORO method. Nevertheless, if you want to send in other valuable goods with the car to Swaziland, you should go for the container shipping. However, it is essential that the fuel is drained and all car locks are disabled during transit. The Embassy of Swaziland is going to provide you with all the up to date information on the laws and regulations that have to be followed for importing a vehicle.

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