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Male is the capital of the Republic of Maldives and is located close to North Male Atoll (Kaafu Atoll). The city is made up of central island, two other islands, and an airport island; all governed by the city council in Male.

If you want to relocate to Male, you need to be sure you are familiar with the rules and regulations that surround importing a vehicle. You will most likely need to hire an auto transporter that can handle international shipping. A1 Auto Transport Service can help you ship your vehicle from the United States to the shipping port in Maldives and will help you obtain the right paperwork that you need in order to legally import your vehicle. You will also need to know how much it will cost to transfer your vehicle from the U.S to Maldives. With the right paperwork and documented proof that is required of you, there shouldn’t be any delay. You will need to have the following documentation for A1 Auto Transport Service and Customs:

  • Social Security Number.
  • Driver’s License.
  • Title of your vehicle.
  • Registration.
  • Power of Attorney form in case you cannot pick up your vehicle once it reaches the port. 

You will also need to verify that you have insurance through your insurance company. You will need to inquire about shipping insurance in order to import your vehicle over. Verify with Maldives Customs that you have everything you need and you understand that laws and regulation on bringing a vehicle to Maldives. You will need detailed documentation as requested by customs when your vehicle arrives at the port. The documentation you will need includes:

  • Make of the vehicle.
  • Model of the vehicle.
  • The weight of the vehicle.
  • Chassis numbers.
  • The color of your vehicle.
  • Seating capacity.

If your vehicle is not registered, your vehicle will need to stay there until it is registered. The Minister of Transport will need to have the paperwork in hand in order for it to be registered. You need to complete an L10 Application and make sure that you provide original title and registration. You will also need to have the original title and registration, not just a copy.

Before your vehicle leaves the port, it will need to be cleaned out completely inside and out. The vehicle will need to be filled on brake fluid, steering fluid, and oil. The battery will need to be charged too. You want your vehicle to be ready to drive once it reaches Maldives.

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Before Shipping.

You want to check in with A1 Auto Transport Service to make sure that everything is on track and you have the details of all the expenses. You want to have a full quote so you can have your money up front and ready to pay. The vehicle will need to be steam cleaned and everything needs to be removed from the inside of the car. You also want to take check on the weather in Maldives. Your car needs to be prepared to drive during the dry seasons in Maldives. The same for the rainy season; the roads are not passable.

Shipping Choices.

There are three ways that you can transport your vehicle from the United States to Maldives.

  • Roll On/ Roll Off Shipping: This type of shipping requires that your vehicle be driven onto the ship and off the ship once it reaches the port. This is the most affordable way to transport your vehicle over and it’s also the quickest way. However, your vehicle is exposed outside.
  • Container Shipping: A container big enough to hold your vehicle and anything else you want to ship to Maldives is loaded up and then transferred over to the ship before launching. This type of shipping takes longer and cost more money but you can keep the expenses down by sharing the container with someone else.
  • Air Shipping: This is the quickest way to move a vehicle from one country to another. It is also the most expensive shipping method when shipping from the United States to Maldives.

Talk to A1 Auto Transport Service and find out which shipping method is right for you. You will need to calculate all the expenses included in your import.

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