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The capital city of Alborz Province is Karaj. It is the fourth largest city in Iran. It is only twelve miles from Tehran and is nestled in the foot of the Alborz Mountains. When you want to extend your stay here in Karaj, you may want to bring your own vehicle with you to enjoy the country as you need or want to.

While public transportation is available, you may not always have a way to translate. Before you begin the paperwork to import your vehicle, you will need to know what restrictions are placed on importing vehicles and what documents you will need.

A1 Auto Transport can help you import your vehicle from the United States to Iran. They will know what paperwork needs to be completed, where the paperwork needs to go, what documents you will need, and estimate how much you will pay in duties and taxes.

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Methods of Shipping to Iran.

When you import your vehicle, you need to determine how your vehicle is going to get there. You will have three choices to consider; air shipping, container shipping, and the Roll On/ Roll Off method of shipping.

  • Roll On/ Roll Off shipping is the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. Your vehicle will be rolled or driven onto the deck of the ship where it will then be fastened down for the trip. It will be exposed to all the weather elements while being transported and you cannot leave anything in your vehicle except for floor mats, car jack, and a spare tire.
  • Air shipping is your most expensive choice when it comes to shipping but it is super-fast so you can have your vehicle in minimal time.
  • Container shipping is about placing your vehicle in a large container and then sealing it up before loading it onto the deck of the ship. This is not as expensive as air shipping but it’s also not the cheapest way to ship your vehicle.

The information you will Need to Import.

To ship to Iran, you will need to follow the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration rules and regulations. You will need to fill out all the necessary paperwork and you will need to bring your vehicle over safely and legally. You can find out more information by contacting the Iranian Embassy located in the United States. You will need to provide them with the following documentation before your import request can be approved:

  • Proof of paid duties.
  • Residence proof in the Iranian country.
  • Driver’s License.
  • Passport.
  • Ownership Proof.
  • Proof that you have insurance on the vehicle.

You, the owner of the vehicle, will need to be at customs to pick up the vehicle once it reaches the port. You cannot leave the vehicle there at the port as they do not provide any type of holding facility. When you hire A1 Auto Transport Service, they can collect your vehicle for you once it reaches Karaj.

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