Ship Car To Ireland

Shipping Your Car to Ireland from the United States.

Shipping A Car To Ireland.

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • Typical shipping costs to Ireland from the U.S. are from $2,400 to $5,000 for most vehicles.
  • Cars with standard dimensions can usually be transported cheaper since they can be shipped in a container.

Exporting your vehicle to Ireland from the United States can be completed with relative ease if you use a trusted broker. Though it experienced some tumultuous times in much of the 20th century, it has developed into an economic success in the previous few decades. Shipping your car to Ireland can be a fairly straightforward and economical process, but only if you have the proper guidance in order to limit your fees and taxes.

A-1 Auto has a longstanding rich history with delivering vehicles to Ireland on a timely basis and are extremely familiar with the ins and outs of the process.

The first thing that one has to know about Ireland is that Northern Ireland is not considered part of it officially. This is important because while Northern Ireland abides by the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom, Ireland is part of the European Union.

As an island located in the North Atlantic just west of Great Britain, Ireland, officially known as the Republic of Ireland, is a relatively small country that boasts a population of 4.7 million. It has made a remarkable transformation from being a historically agricultural-based economy to one that is technology advanced and very well-developed. Though they have experienced some tough economic times with the financial crisis that engulfed the world a few years ago, it is recovering nicely.

With its government now spending much more judiciously, Ireland’s economic momentum is rising once again. Known for their business-friendly environment to outside corporations, Ireland is an extremely welcoming country.

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Since English is the main language spoken in Ireland, there will be no issues as far as communication is concerned. It’s also a safe and secure country that is consistent with its policies. Customs officers are trained very well and you can expect them to follow things by the book. As long as you’re prepared properly in terms of all of your documents and following their clearly laid out guidelines, you should not run into any issues.

The cost of shipping your automobile to Ireland from the United States depends on whether or not you qualify for being exempt from paying customs duties and their VAT. A-1 Auto has in-depth knowledge on how to obtain these exemptions and our agents will be able to lead you through the process from the beginning to the end.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Ireland
  1. Proof of Ownership of the Vehicle.
  2. Proof of Insurance in the United States (must have had for at least 6 months)
  3. Purchase Invoice / Bill of Sale (Price, Date, and Location of Original Purchase)
  4. Certificate of Registration.
  5. Document stating all personal effects included with the vehicle.
  6. Proof of Residency in Ireland.
  7. Irish customs form.

Read more about Ireland vehicle registration process.

Shipping Methods

Shipping your car to Ireland is an easy process, but has to be completed by ship, as it’s technically an island.

  • Roll-On and Roll-Off Service: This is the most commonly used method, as it is the cheapest. If you choose to ship your automobile from the United States to Ireland using this method, your vehicle will be placed on a car deck on the freight ship, where it will be put in place securely. The one downside to this method of shipping is that it can take a long time and isn’t always consistent in terms of the arrival time.
  • Container Service: Choosing to ship you vehicle through this method will cost more, but it does have its perks. First, your automobile will be shipped from the United States in its very own container. Not only will it provide an extra layer of security for your vehicle, but it will also allow you to place other items in the container as well, provided that they’re not placed inside of the vehicle. It’ll also arrive to Ireland a bit faster and is much more reliable.

A-1 Auto can help you obtain the best rates on either one!

Main Ports of Arrival.

One of the benefits of shipping to Ireland is that there are plenty of arrival ports to choose from. While it does depend on your final destination, the main ports that people usually choose consist of the following:

  • Galway.
  • Dublin.
  • Cork.
  • Belfast.
  • Kerry.

After gaining clearance from customs, the next thing that you must do is make sure that you register your vehicle at some point during your first 6 months of residency. This can be completed at all major car testing centers in Ireland. Finally, you should be aware of the fact that you’ll have to pay a vehicle registration tax upon registering, which is based on the market value of your vehicle.

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