Ship Car To Central African Republic

Shipping A Car To The Central African Republic

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • From the United States, the cost of shipping a car to the Central African Republic is usually about $1,800 to $4,000 if you use a shipping container.
  • RORO transport is not as easy of an option since the republic is landlocked without an available direct sea port.

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Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To The Central African Republic

Shipping a car to another country can be a formidable task and will have to be done amidst strict regulations for both customs as well as the auto shipper. When shipping your car to Central African Republic you need to know the regulations set forth by the Customs Department. You also need to know about the roads in Central Africa.

The majority of roadways in Central Africa are not paved and will require a 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle for traveling through the country. When you hire an auto shipper to transport your car internationally you will need to provide specific documents to the transport company prior to shipping. These documents include:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Social Security Number (Card)
  3. Title to Vehicle’
  4. Insurance Certificate for Vehicle
  5. Power of Attorney affidavit if the car will need picked up or delivered

The auto shipper will help prepare you for the shipment of your car so that everything will go smoothly. The agent at the transport company will give you details on what types of shipping are available, documents you will need for customs, paperwork that will need to be filled out, and what you will need to do to get your car ready for overseas travel. They will also let you know if you will be able to ship items along with your car, depending on the type of shipping/exporting you choose.

If you will need to have someone pick your car up at your home or office and deliver it to the exit post nearest your location, or pick the car up in Central Africa Republic, your agent will be able to have that added to your total shipping invoice prior to leaving port. You may want to speak to someone at the Customs and Border Protection Agency to get further information on International Customs Laws and Regulations.

If you would like more detailed information on the cost of shipping your car overseas and what you may need to do prior to shipping, you can read this article for more information.

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Motor Vehicle Regulations in Central African Republic 

Central African Republic has stringent policies on shipping a car into the country. The present regulations are as follows:

  • Driver’s License
  • Must have original Title and Registration of Vehicle
  • Original Bill of Sale showing proof of ownership
  • Export Declaration for all new vehicles
  • F4 Form that you can get from Customs when you arrive in the country
  • All Vehicle Repair Invoices
  • Owner’s Manual
  • All Vehicle Information including the engine number, chassis number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), cubic capacity, make, model and year of manufacture
  • Import duty fees are not required when importing temporarily
  • Luxury cars will need to pay a 77% tax that is based on the total cost, insurance and freight (CIF)
Shipping Options 

You will be given a few ways to ship your car to Central African Republic. If you plan on moving any personal belongings with your car you will need to choose a method that allows transporting personal items. Before your car is shipped you will need to get a finalized price quote from the auto shipper that details shipping, pick up and/or delivery, and other details that will be included in your total cost. These are the ways you can have your car shipped to Central African Republic.

RoRo Shipping – When you use RoRo Shipping your car will be driven onto the carrier ship and secured into place for the overseas journey. When it arrives at the port of entry it will be driven off the ship. You cannot load any personal items into the car for RoRo Shipping. RoRo Shipping is the most preferred way to ship a car internationally and is also the least expensive way to ship.

Container Shipping – Shipping your car in a container is the best way to go when you have personal items that need to be shipped with your car. While it will cost a little more because you have to pay the container fee, it allows you to relocate with ease and have your personal possessions with you.

Air Shipping – When you need your car fast, Air Shipping is the way to go. When you ship by air you can have your car delivered much faster than when you ship by sea. You can also send personal items when you ship by air cargo. Air Shipping is the most expensive way to ship, but the quickness of delivery is appealing when you need to have your car fast. The savings you will have when not having to hire a car and driver will add up quickly and you’ll find that what you pay for shipping is well worth the expenditure.

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