Services Provided By Car Hauling Companies


With the growth of the shipping industry, more services are now offered. It is now easier find a service that fits your needs. The basic process of a hauling starts by picking your car, transporting it, and delivering it. Let’s see how these services work.


Services Provided By Car Hauling Companies


Pickup and delivery services

Car hauling companies start their services at the pickup stage. You are given a time and location where your vehicle will be collected. At the delivery stage, you will get your vehicle at the agreed time frame and location. Normally, there are two services for pickup and delivery:

  • Door to door: This is a convenient method where your vehicle is picked up or delivery at your preferred location. Usually, this location will be your home or office. However, the method works better in large cities with wide streets and more people.
  • Terminal to terminal: through this method, you take your automobile to a terminal and collect it from another terminal. It is an affordable method especially when a company has a nearby terminal.

Transit services

After picking your car, the hauling companies will transport your company to its destination. This is the main job of the auto transporter. Although some companies offer a wide range of services, here are the basic ones.

  • Open air transportation: your vehicle is transported on an open trailer. These trucks may have more than one deck where vehicles are loaded. As a result, you may choose between the bottom and the top load. This is not an ideal method if you are concerned about the snow, wind, road debris, or the public eye.
  • Enclosed transportation: your automobile is shipped in an enclosed trailer. This method is ideal for luxurious and new cars. One may also choose between the soft-sided and the hard-sided enclosed transport. The service costs more than the open air transport

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Protection services

The complex transportation process may damage your car. Typically, your car will be inspected before the shipping process. Car hauling companies will insure your vehicle during transportation. Important questions to ask the company are:

  • Who takes the liability of my car?
  • Is the protection a primary cover?
  • What does the policy cover?
  • The company’s claims process?

Make sure you get a certificate of insurance from your shipper. The certificate should define the liabilities, the deductibles, and workers comp.

Local shipping

There are 50 states in the United States which may be too large for small companies. Some auto transporters will concentrate on certain regions or states. Established companies will have networks across the country. This information is usually displayed on the websites. Most companies will ship a wide range of vehicles such as cars, SUVs, salvage cars, luxury vehicles, and classic cars.

International shipping

International shipping is more complex than local shipping. It requires a better network and more understanding of international laws. To transport overseas car hauling companies may use:

  • Air freight: this method is expensive and is mostly used for high-end vehicles
  • Boat: your car may be transported affordably by a boat
  • Road: if the country is not too far, road transport may be used.

Customized services

Some clients have special shipping needs. For instance, they may have oversized vehicles that do not fit with other cars. They may also require an extra protection for their luxurious cars or a faster delivery. These orders are customized to meet a client’s needs.

Dealer to dealer services

Car dealers may opt to hire an auto transporter for;

  • Delivering to their customers: once a client makes an order, the auto transporter makes the delivery.
  • Delivering to the company: a dealer may not have the resources of shipping a fleet of vehicles. They benefit by contracting an auto transporter to deliver for them


If you are using the terminal to terminal service, you may need to store your car before or after shipping. Transporting companies offer the storage until you can pick your car. Note that this may attract an extra fee.

Community services

As part of their corporate social responsibility, car hauling companies may offer community services. These may include scholarship programs, environmental protection programs, and supporting needy communities. These are excellent ways to connect to their communities.

Some companies offer more services above the main ones listed above. For instance, charter shipping is usually done by large companies. We also offer a range of services which you can read more about here.


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