Securely Transport a Car to Portugal with Overseas Shipping Professionals

The secure transport of your car to another country is obviously going to be something of concern. If you have the need to transport your car to Portugal from its home in the United States, your best bet is to hire professionals.

They’ll guarantee your car’s safe delivery as long as it complies with the import laws of the country.

After selecting your shipping services and booking your car’s transport, call the Embassy of Portugal to inquire about the present auto import laws. They can tell you the vehicle restrictions set, what proof is needed, and what the import duty rates are at the given time. Take notes and start preparing as immediately. Proof of the desired documents and paid taxes must reach Customs before the day of transport. The car cannot legally be imported into Portugal until Customs gives a certificate of approval.

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Portugal’s Import Duties and Taxes for Vehicle Imports.

Portugal’s duty and tax rates for automobiles are quite perplexing, especially for anyone unfamiliar with foreign import laws. Luckily, this is where your transport company will become useful once again. They will make sure that your car not only complies with the laws of Portugal, but that you understand the exact amount that must be paid out in taxes before your car can be shipped over.

The VAT for Portugal’s auto imports is around 23%. Their ISV tax is based on the cylinder capacity and CO2 emissions. An ownership tax is also charged. The percentage for this tax is reliant on the cylinder capacity, CO2 emissions, age, and type of vehicle. There are some ways to lower the cost of taxes, but it will depend on the vehicle being imported. Portugal offers a “green tax” to lower the taxes for anyone shipping eco-friendly or energy saving vehicles.

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