Responsibilities Of Your Truck Driver

Assuming you have hired a team of professional movers for your big day, one of the key members will be the truck driver. While you might be tempted to think his/her only job is to simply drive and get your stuff from point A to point B, this would be a big underestimation. Honestly, you should be thinking of this person as the main go-between or contact with the moving company itself. Here is a list of just some of their main responsibilities:

  • Prepares the bill of lading: This is generally the first thing they do. Make sure you look it over thoroughly before signing.
  • Ensures moving crew is ready: This includes having them show up on time and in proper uniform. The driver will also introduce members of the crew to you.
  • Oversees the work: The driver also delegates tasks to the movers as well as overseeing their work.
  • Communicates with the dispatcher: They are responsible for giving accurate updates to the moving company dispatcher so that everyone knows how things are progressing.
  • Inspects the truck: The driver needs to make sure the vehicle has proper levels of gas, water, oil and to ensure everything is in good mechanical working order.
  • Your main point of contact: If you have any question or need help, this is the person to ask. They are generally the most experienced person on the crew, so will likely be able to handle just about any question or concern.
  • Confirmation and payment: When everything has been delivered and unloaded, the driver will go over all documents and contracts with you. This should include the bill of lading and inventory list. After you examine and sign the documents, the driver will also accept your remaining payment due (as specified in the bill of lading).
  • Calls dispatcher: After everything has been completed, the driver will inform the dispatcher of the status of your delivery and then return the truck and any other equipment to the dispatcher.

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Did you know that your driver is also required to have a full range of licenses, permits and other qualifications? They also need to have prior moving or supervisory experience and have a special permit from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in addition to a commercial driver’s license.

All of these licenses and regulations should be good news. This really does ensure that you are dealing with a true professional, someone who actually knows how to handle things. You can also learn a lot about your driver by watching how they interact with the crew. Either way, it is nice to know that your items will be handled properly, in a safe and professional manner.


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