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Shipping Cars To or From Port of Tucson

The port of Tucson is a dry port seated in the heart of Arizona, which is a largely desert State known for its hot summers and warm winters. While the port may be located inland, it is linked directly to the seaport by way of an intermodal facility and rail yard. It serves as a transshipment center for sea cargo bound for inland destinations.


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Here’s what you need to know about shipping cars to or from Port of Tucson.

Freight Costs

When shipping cars to or from Port of Tucson, forwarding and clearing agent fees will be completely voided since the port allows the combined use of multimodal transport documents and bill of lading. Seeing as it’s upon the auto shipper to ensure passage of the car through this port you will not be required to employ a forwarding or a clearing agent.

In conventional shipping systems, your car may be held up at the sea port on account of lack of appropriate documentation, lapse of a bond, payment of handling charges in foreign currency, among other irregularities. In all such events, demurrage and late paperwork fees may accrue.

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However, when shipping cars to or from Port of Tucson, customs inspection at the connecting sea ports or at the port of discharge will not be necessary, or at least with be greatly reduced. What’s more, you will not have to contend with many of the usual delays. As a result, you will not bear the cost of late documentation, storage or demurrage.

Mode of transit

Containerization reigns supreme in this Port. This is whereby vehicles are transported in containers of standard dimensions to allow for faster and easier mechanical handling when transferring from one mode of transit to another, for instance from the road to rail. This is done with a high degree of efficiency without causing any damage to the vehicle inside.

Take note that containerization at this inland port differs greatly from the maritime ports. Case in point, a container weighing 35 metric tons can be hauled up in one simple lift. This is a complete change of pace from maritime containerization process. They will have to distribute the cargo in smaller packages and end up taking several lifts to handle the same amount of weight. In essence, containerization at the port of Tucson minimizes damage when loading and requires far less handling. Just be sure, use a reliable auto mover and you are good to go.

Additional logistics

  • The Port of Tucson requires fewer paperwork procedures hence reducing the scope for confusion over lost papers and allowing for faster transit.
  • One of the main benefits of this dry port is that it speeds up the shipping process and allows one to accurately predict the arrival date of his/her car.
  • The port also saves you on transport costs by minimizing truck movements and empty rail wagon. This is because it acts as a consolidation center for export cargo return loads.

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