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The Port of Salem Harbor, Massachusetts is the 2nd deepest port among the five in the state. It is an inlet of Massachusetts Bay and it neighbors Beverly Harbor and the port of Boston. The harbor, which is quite famous, has over time established itself as a significant contributor to the economy of Massachusetts. It attracts both commercial and recreational shipping vessels, making it a hub for business within the state and other cities near the area. A-1 Auto Transport often uses the seaport for shipping cars to or from port of Salem Harbor, Massachusetts and its environs.


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Why shipping through port of Salem is ideal

The port of Salem Harbor is managed by a Harbormaster Department and operates 24 hours a day. The department is responsible for the day-to-day running of the port to ensure shipping processes go on as scheduled. Terminals on the port are assigned by the department, with both public and private companies using them for shipping. The expansion of the port is also supervised by the department who are funded by the local government.

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Public docks are in plenty at the port of Salem for use by shipping companies bringing in cargo from within the US and overseas. Shipping cars to or from port of Salem Harbor, Massachusetts is also done from these docks with the help of dockworkers. These workers are well trained to assist with loading and unloading of cargo. In some cases, they help with the loading of vehicles onto carrier trucks which can either be open air or enclosed. The skilled workforce at Salem Harbor is one of the reasons for its popularity with shipping companies.

At the port of Salem Harbor, the waters are divided into mooring fields which stretch over a designated area of the shore. The six fields are used for commercial and private purposes and are assigned by the Harbormaster. Some of the fields have available space all year round while others have very little turnover. However, some mooring fields can be inaccessible at times because of bad weather. For shipping vessels to use the mooring fields, inquiries about available space should be done in advance.

Modern equipment used at the harbor makes the process of shipping cars to or from port of Salem Harbor, Massachusetts more efficient for auto transport companies. The machinery includes forklifts and mobile cranes used for moving containers and other types of cargo. Operation of the equipment is done by professionals hired by the Harbormaster and his team assuring port users of quality services. Most times, machinery used for unloading or loading at wharves is placed nearby for easier access when shipping vessels dock at the harbor.

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