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Shipping Cars To or From Port of Redwood City, California

The Port of Redwood City is just 18 nautical miles shy of San Francisco Bay. It serves as the sole deep-water harbor in South San Francisco. Its prime location between the ever-expanding Silicon Valley/ San Jose region and San Francisco has allowed it to thrive as an inland transportation hub. It offers easy access to Union pacific Railroad and U. S Highway 101 hence saving the residents both shipping costs and time.


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Here are a few pointers you should take into account when shipping cars to or from port of Redwood City, California.

Choose a reputable freight forwarder

Shipping cars to or from port of Redwood City, California is a detailed process that calls for the services of a reputable freight forwarder. You will need to contact an auto shipping company that can offer you a wide array of freight services at an affordable price. Before signing on the dotted line, ensure that they offer the following services:

  • Inland transportation.
  • Preparation of documents for both domestic and overseas shipping.
  • Insurance covers in case of damage or theft.
  • A custom broker who will speed up clearance processes.

Make sure that the cost listed in the quotation augers well with the quality and quantity of services offered. Ideally, the more the services, the greater the economies of scale; hence the lower the consolidated cost.

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Mode of shipping

The mode of transport available when shipping cars to or from Port of Redwood city, California, is container shipping. The method offers top-of-the-line safety by being both wind and water tight. You need not worry about damage from harsh marine elements.

The loading process requires the use of a crane that lifts up your vehicle and carefully places it in a 20 ft. or 40 ft. container. The personnel are well-trained in this process seeing as it calls for utmost precision. After the vehicle is seated in the container, its wheels will be restrained to the floor of the container by use of metal or wooden chocks. Afterwards the car will be lashed into position preventing it from moving while in transit. The only drawback with container shipping is the higher price tag it comes with.

Required documentation

In order to give your auto shipper sufficient time to comply with custom and security regulations, all shipping documents need to be assembled no later than five days prior to loading date. The basic documents required include:

  • Certificate of Title or bill of sale in case of lien holders.
  • Passport or valid driver’s license for proof of identity.
  • Bill of lading that is signed and notarized.
  • Vehicle identification Number.


Here’s what you need to do before handing your car over to the auto shipper

  • Thoroughly clean your car to rid it of any plant life and pests. This is a stipulation of the USDA and should be upheld to the letter to avoid any unwanted charges and delays.
  • Seeing as the only mode of shipment is container shipping, your gas tank should be fully drained to avoid any leaks.

Kindly reach out to us if you need any assistance shipping cars to or from Port of Redwood city, California.


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