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Shipping Cars To or From Port of Alpena

Alpena is a metro area found at the edge of Michigan State and it’s best known for the industrial manufacture of cement, tourism, and thriving outdoor recreational activities. The town owes a huge debt of gratitude to the Port of Alpena as it has been one of the major job creators and the key economic engine. Port of Alpena is one of the world’s largest freshwater ports and is nestled on Lake Huron. The port dabbles in both cruise and cargo ships.


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Here’s what you need to know about shipping cars to or from port of Alpena.

Mode of shipping

 The two main transit methods when shipping cars to or from Port Alpena include: Roll on Roll Off method and Container. The former is the more popular because of two key things; simplicity and cost. Your car will be loaded by simply driving it onto the Ro Ro ship and offloaded by rolling it off the vessel at the port of discharge. The Ro Ro vessel is both wind and water tight hence offers sufficient protection from harsh marine elements.

When utilizing this method, you will not be required to map out the logistics for port delivery, container packing or flat rack loading. However, take note that you will not be allowed to have any personal effects in the car during transit. Failure to adhere to this could have you contending with fines and delays at the port. As a result, Ro Ro shipping is very affordable.

Container shipping is just as the name suggests. Your car will be packed in a container, braced and secured before setting sail. It is often preferred over Ro Ro when shipping exotic cars that call for added protection. Seeing as it’s a pricey method, you need to find an auto mover that offers competitive quotations while still maintaining the quality of service.

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Shipping Time & Shipping costs

The major costs you should expect to bear when shipping cars to or from port of Alpena include:

  • Container/ Ro Ro fees
  • Demurrage
  • Wharfage
  • Broker fees
  • Customs fees

In order to cut down on costs, most vessels opt to use slow steaming on most of their routes. The ships will sail at low speeds to minimize fuel consumption. The tradeoff for the reduced costs is longer transit periods. This method has become an auto shipper’s favorite for both environmental and economic reasons. Studies show that shipping vessels reap the most benefit from “extra slow steaming” seeing as it trims down carbon emissions by 43% and saves close to 20% of fuel. The drawback to this is longer transit times. For instance, it often takes a fortnight to ship cars from China to the port of Alpena at normal speeds; but extra slow speeds can prolong it to as much as four weeks.


The best way to ensure the shipment process goes without a hitch is by banking on the right auto mover. We at A-1 auto transport are committed to providing a safe and reliable experience. We chart both domestic and international waters.

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