Motorcycle Shipping Charges

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to ship your motorcycle, you are probably a bit in the dark regarding what exactly the process entails and how much you can expect to spend.

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The bad news is it can be a costly endeavor, the good news is the benefit of shipping is real and palpable.  The following factors are part of what goes into determining the cost of shipping your bike:

  • Type of Motorcycle – Whether you are looking to ship a sports bike, a chopper, or a daily commuter, the type of motorcycle does have an impact on the price. Most auto transport companies will have the experience to ship all different kinds, but some may not have the specific equipment, so you can expect to pay more in those situations.
  • Distance Shipped – If you are requesting to have your nonoperational motorcycle shipped across town, you will definitely pay much less than someone having a bike shipped across the country. You can expect to pay even more if you need to ship internationally.
  • Closed Container vs. Open Carrier – There are two main types of shipping containers, open and closed. While open is the most common, it also has inherent risks because your motorcycle will be exposed to elements, and although unlikely, it can be cosmetically damaged in transit.  Closed containers are safer, but take up much more space, allowing less bikes to be transported at once, making it more expensive for you.
  • Potential Import Fees – This final factor ONLY applies to international shipping, but it is significant if you indeed are shipping out of the country. Your motorcycle will be subject to the import taxes and fees of the destination country which are usually calculated based on the bike’s value.  Certain countries will impose fees that can equate to the total value of the bike itself, or even more.

Depending on your personal circumstances for needing your motorcycle shipped, whether you are moving across country or selling/buying a new bike, the option of shipping and avoiding the wear and tear of a long road trip definitely makes this a worthwhile option.  It may seem like a lot of money, but it is definitely a great investment in prolonging the life of your bike.

Motorcycle Shipping: Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

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