Meet EV100: A Global Initiative to Fully Transition to Electric Vehicles

EV100: A Global Initiative to Fully Transition to Electric Vehicles

Huge news was announced during Climate Week NYC as ten major corporations introduced their electric vehicle campaign, dubbed EV100 (for 100% electric vehicles).  The coalition consists of giant brands like Ikea, Unilever, and even shipping giant, DHL.  Modeled after RE100 and EP100, this campaign will have huge bearing on the future of businesses and car manufacturers everywhere, especially considering that over half the vehicles on the road today belong to companies.

The goal of the initiative is help businesses achieve a 100% target in an effort to help the environment.  In the same way that RE100 strives toward renewable energy and EP100 attempts to double energy productivity, EV100 will aim toward helping companies commit wholly to the use of electric vehicles.



Members of the coalition will commit to aiding the transition away from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles, while also installing battery charges and helping with the inherent changes in the infrastructure.  They will also help to ease the transition by setting timetables and helping with the major rollouts, which in turn will make electric cars more appealing and accessible to other businesses, as well as the general public.

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These businesses have partnered with industry leader, the Climate Group, and it was their CEO who made the big announcement at the Climate Week event in New York City.  Helen Clarkson was quoted as saying, “We want to make electric transport the new normal. There are two fundamental problems to be addressed. Transport is still the fastest growing area of carbon emissions, as the shift to electric vehicles is not happening fast enough; and mass system change, even with Government intervention, needs much greater customer demand.”

With the help of the ten companies that are part of the kick-off of this worldwide campaign, the EV100 members have already sent a strong message, that we can only hope others will emulate.  The transport sector is currently the fastest-growing global contributor to climate change, so to see such a strong move from so many companies is truly refreshing.  This campaign will generate long-term savings as well as increase competitiveness among businesses, driving them to step up their game when it comes to environmental impact.

According to the Climate Group’s official publication, in order to participate in EV100, businesses must agree to fast-track EV update in one or more of the following categories by the year 2030:

  1. Integrating electric vehicles directly into owned or leased corporate fleets
  2. Placing requirements in service contracts for electric vehicle usage
  3. Supporting staff to use electric vehicles (by installing workplace charging infrastructure)
  4. Supporting electric vehicle uptake by customers (by installing customer charging infrastructure)

Of course, there is always room for more partners, and with the official introduction of this new and exciting campaign, it’s only a matter of time before more and more businesses will jump on the bandwagon and work together to help achieve the goal of EV100.

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