How To Ship Your Leitch

The very first of the Leitch line was built in 1986 by Barry Leitch, most of which were used to race in Local New Zealand car and classic races. Although not famous across the world, considering the reputation of the mother company in the native New Zealand, they are a good car choice.

Shipping a Leitch requires just as much in terms of know-how and execution. Only a company that has the following characteristics can be able to offer this;


The best companies in the business always make sure their cars are fully and adequately insured. Insurance is important in the car shipping industry for many reasons. First, it is a sign that the company is reliable. No insurance company can deal with a company that has a history of high-risk operations, disciplinary action taken against them, or one that is not registered. More importantly, though, insurance is a guarantee that should anything happen to the vehicle, then the costs will be covered by the company. Finally, the department of transport requires every car company to have their vehicles insured. Dealing with an insured company gives the assurance that the auto shipping company is compliant with the rules of the USDOT. Make sure to confirm the specifics of the insurance details though, since there is no limit on how much insurance a car company can carry per vehicle.

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It might seem obvious, but a good company must have its own transportation equipment. There are a lot of middle men in the auto shipping industry. However, if a company has its own transportation equipment rather than brokering it to a third party, this shows that the company is reputable.In your search ensure that the company in question has provided you with information about their equipment. This makes it easier to confirm whether what they have is suitable for the car to be transported. Make sure the company chosen offers the following types of equipment;

  • Open carriers: Open carriers can be divided into multi-car and single car open carriers. Single car carriers carry just the one car, but the multi-carriers haul between 3 and ten cars per trip. Many of the multi-car carriers that carry more than three vehicles at a time have different loading levels for stacking the vehicles. Since open carriers have the vehicle exposed to the elements, the vehicles loaded on the top level, otherwise called top loading, attract a higher transportation fee than those at the lower levels, because of the risk of damage from debris.
  • Enclosed carriers: These are completely enclosed and protect the car from the elements. They typically only carry the single vehicle and might be a little more expensive.

Not every company that claims to ship vehicles countrywide actually uses their own equipment.


Ultimately, the biggest determinant of the quality of the car shipping process will be the drivers. Once the trucks leave the warehouse, everything is in the hands of the drivers. It is important, then, that the drivers chosen have the right amount of training and are licensed.

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