Learn the Difference between Container and RO/RO Shipping Methods before Choosing How to Transport Your Car to Laos

Shipping a car all the way to Laos from the United States through a practiced transport company is the only way to ensure your car’s legal and safe delivery. Fulfilling foreign law for importation is very confusing without help, particularly as a former citizen of the U.S.

The regulations of other countries are confusing and difficult to understand. For an explanation of the import laws associated with foreign vehicles entering the country, call the Embassy of Laos. With reputable shipping professionals delivering your car and more knowledge of the import laws, the stress of shipping your car is instantly relieved.

To ship a car to the country safely, it’s important that the right shipping services are purchased. Although there are only two affordable and proven shipping methods to choose from, each of them transports vehicles in a different manner. Know how each transport method and shipping service operates before you agree to any services.

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About RO/RO Transport.

The least expensive and most preferred method of international auto transport is RO/RO shipping. This open air transport method is often used by dealerships and manufacturers who have multiple vehicles delivered to one location. Due to the lack of shelter provided, this shipping service isn’t preferred by all customers. Other than its low price tag, this service comes with free insurance coverage only making this cheaper option more appealing to many.

About Container Transport.

To keep your vehicle safe from outdoor elements along its voyage, container shipping is a great choice. This transport method comes at a slightly higher cost but safeguards the car inside durable metal walls. The shipping containers come in several sizes. Each one is priced differently, but customer service will help you with size selection after you provide them with some details. This form of transport isn’t just designed for the delivery of vehicles, but your household belongings too. Carefully stuff your vehicle and the remaining container room with any goods you would like to bring. All items must comply with the import policy before you ship the car to Laos along with your belongings.

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