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Being in the third-most populous county in Tennessee, Knox County is a delightful experience. It gets even better when you travel around the numerous parks and museums in the county. With such a well-established transportation network, a private car is paramount to move around. When shipping cars to or from Knox County, A-1 Auto Transport is your long-awaited answer.


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Our unmatched services

A-1 Auto Transport offers you customized solutions that easily fit into your budget, schedule and shipping needs. Here is an overview of our services:

  • Open-air and enclosed shipping: When in search of a low-cost option when shipping cars to or from Knox County, you definitely won’t go wrong by picking our open trucks. These trailers have a high capacity of 8-12 cars and thus the shipping cost is evenly distributed among the vehicle owners making it cheap. Another interesting bit about open transportation is that it is very regular and easy to book. Enclosed shipping is another safe shipping option for high-value cars. It comes at an extra cost because the trucks have a low capacity and your car is given additional protection from elements like harsh weather.
  • International shipping: Unlike domestic shipping, overseas shipping is full of encumbrances. Piles of unending paperwork and logistical hurdles can deter a first-time shipper from having a hassle-free shipping experience. A-1 Auto Transport has what it takes to help you from start to finish. With over 20 years of experience, we have a lot to share with you about custom documentation and other impediments.
  • Terminal and door-to-door delivery: Test-driving your car after shipping is an important part in ascertaining that everything is in the right place. Terminal delivery allows you to do this. You only need to drop off your car to one of our shipping terminals and pick it from the nearest terminal in your preferred destination. At times, this is not possible, especially when you are running on a tight schedule. If this is the case, door-to-door delivery is your answer. You will direct our driver where to pick your car and we will deliver it at your doorstep.
  • All-inclusive shipping: We ship all types and brands of vehicles; from small vehicles like golf carts and snowmobiles to large vehicles such as trucks and RVs.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-452-2880 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your car.

Consider this before picking our services

  • Type of car: This includes the model, size, weight, current condition and value of the car. Big, heavy and high-value cars are expensive to transport. For highly priced machines, choose enclosed shipping for extra protection. When shipping inoperable cars, non-op hauling is one of your options.
  • Budget: Have a budget range with you. Some transportation options are pricier than others. For instance, a combination of enclosed shipping and door-to-door delivery is more expensive than open shipping with terminal delivery.
  • Schedule: Consider your timing when shipping cars to or from Knox County. For a faster mode of transportation, expedited shipping for inland transportation and air freight for international shipping are your best bet. If you crave convenience due to a busy work schedule, door-to-door delivery will serve you right.

As simple as…

Grabbing your free quote from A-1 Auto Transport website now. Talk to one of our agents on 1-800-452-2880 for more information.

Zip codes included in Knox County

  • 37901- Knoxville
  • 37902- Knoxville
  • 37909- Knoxville
  • 37912- Knoxville
  • 37914- Knoxville
  • 37915- Knoxville
  • 37916- Knoxville
  • 37917- Knoxville
  • 37918- Knoxville
  • 37919- Knoxville
  • 37920- Knoxville
  • 37921- Knoxville
  • 37922- Knoxville
  • 37923- Knoxville
  • 37924- Knoxville
  • 37927- Knoxville
  • 37928- Knoxville
  • 37929- Knoxville
  • 37930- Knoxville
  • 37931- Knoxville
  • 37932- Knoxville
  • 37933- Knoxville
  • 37934- Knoxville
  • 37938- Knoxville
  • 37939- Knoxville
  • 37940- Knoxville
  • 37950- Knoxville
  • 37995- Knoxville
  • 37996- Knoxville
  • 37997- Knoxville
  • 37998- Knoxville
  • 37922- Farragut
  • 37934- Farragut
  • 37806- Mascot
  • 37721- Corryton
  • 37721- Gibbs
  • 37918- Gibbs
  • 37938- Gibbs
  • 37754- Heiskell
  • 37849- Powell
  • 37871- Strawberry Plains

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