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Jackson County is a serene county on the western side of the expansive state of Missouri. It is home to several managed water bodies, nature trails and reserves. This makes it a great hunting, boating and fishing destination. It has well-developed urban settings and business hubs and equally alluring rural settings.


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Finding a decent auto shipping company especially if you’re shipping cars to or from Jackson County can be challenging. A-1 Auto Transport is here to make your car shipping experience less of a hassle.

What we do

  • We ship cars to or from anywhere in Missouri or any state in the US. What’s more, A-1 Auto Transport is not limited to national boundaries. We have vast experience in international shipping. We will take care of the legal requirements involved in international shipments and also help to speed up the process.
  • Our freight handling is world-class. Our logistics solutions also include shipping by boat, open air carriers, flatbed carriers and enclosed shipments. We take this on with dedicated efficiency and a reliable communicative approach. Our customers have more to say about this than we do.
  • A-1 Auto Transport is among the few auto transporters that accept shipping of hybrid and electric cars. We do this at no added charge to you.
  • Do you have a classic or exotic car? We will handle it with utmost care. Our enclosed carriers are well suited for this task.
  • Are you transporting large vehicles and equipment such as trucks? We have suitable flatbed transportation for this task.
  • Are you shipping a two-wheeler or golf cart? We will do that for you. Include jet skis snowmobiles RTV in your list as well.
  • Do you constantly want to know the progress of your shipment? We have on-demand vehicle tracking that will help you follow the progress of transporting your vehicle from start to finish.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-452-2880 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your car.

Do you need an auto-transporter?

  • Do you have experience shipping a boat? Well, we do. Or is it a yacht that you need? We have the necessary experience, tools and equipment to bring your boat straight to the docks in timely fashion.
  • You can just get into your car and go anywhere you want, right? The problem with this is that it adds unnecessary mileage to your car, lowering its lifespan. The thrill of driving interstate might be convincing at first but the long drives will eventually wear you down and cost you precious time and money.
  • A-1 Auto Transport has the right licensing and registration. We tick the right regulatory boxes when it comes to shipping cars to or from Jackson County. You can also stay informed by finding out more about the local regulatory requirements from the relevant DMV website.

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If you are looking for reliable automobile transportation, then we believe that A-1 Auto Transport is perfect for you. Do you want to know how much it will cost shipping cars to or from Jackson County or anywhere in the world? Go to our website and get an instant free quote.

Zip codes included in Jackson County

  • 64002- Lees Summit
  • 64013- Blue Springs
  • 64014- Blue Springs
  • 64015- Blue Springs
  • 64016- Buckner
  • 64029- Grain Valley
  • 64030- Grandview
  • 64034- Greenwood
  • 64050- Independence
  • 64051- Independence
  • 64052- Independence
  • 64053- Independence
  • 64054- Independence
  • 64055- Independence
  • 64056- Independence
  • 64057- Independence
  • 64058- Independence
  • 64063- Lees Summit
  • 64064- Lees Summit
  • 64065- Lees Summit
  • 64066- Levasy
  • 64070- Lone Jack
  • 64075- Oak Grove
  • 64081- Lees Summit
  • 64082- Lees Summit
  • 64086- Lees Summit
  • 64088- Sibley
  • 64101- Kansas City
  • 64102- Kansas City
  • 64105- Kansas City
  • 64106- Kansas City
  • 64108- Kansas City
  • 64109- Kansas City
  • 64110- Kansas City
  • 64111- Kansas City
  • 64112- Kansas City
  • 64113- Kansas City
  • 64114- Kansas City
  • 64120- Kansas City
  • 64121- Kansas City
  • 64123- Kansas City
  • 64124- Kansas City
  • 64125- Kansas City
  • 64126- Kansas City
  • 64127- Kansas City
  • 64128- Kansas City
  • 64129- Kansas City
  • 64130- Kansas City
  • 64131- Kansas City
  • 64132- Kansas City
  • 64133- Kansas City
  • 64134- Kansas City
  • 64136- Kansas City
  • 64137- Kansas City
  • 64138- Kansas City
  • 64139- Kansas City
  • 64141- Kansas City
  • 64145- Kansas City
  • 64146- Kansas City
  • 64147- Kansas City
  • 64148- Kansas City
  • 64149- Kansas City
  • 64170- Kansas City
  • 64171- Kansas City
  • 64179-Kansas City
  • 64180- Kansas City
  • 64184- Kansas City
  • 64187- Kansas City
  • 64191- Kansas City
  • 64196- Kansas City
  • 64197- Kansas City
  • 64198- Kansas City
  • 64199- Kansas City
  • 64999-Kansas City

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