How To Ship Your Hwanghai.

Considering the potential costs involved, perhaps the best way to get that Hwanghai home should be to go for auto transport. But how exactly does one choose a reliable company?

Here are some characteristics that set our company apart.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-452-2880 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your car.

Our rates are competitive.

While some vehicle shipping companies ask for exorbitant charges, we mind about our customers. That’s why we offer customized solutions to our clients. We will provide you with quotes that meet your budget and specifications. The charges depend on the distance, the kind of carrier to use and insurance. Be assured that you will get affordable charges from us. Some people may be looking for the cheapest services when they seek car shipping services, however, cheap may not always be the best way to go. As a car owner, you want your vehicle to arrive safely. Our prices may not be the lowest but you will get quality services. Our quotes are all inclusive meaning they cover everything insurance to customs for overseas shipment.


Not every other shipping company you find will provide you with quality services. Just as there are reliable vehicle shipment companies, there are also others that want to swindle money from you. They want to make quick bucks and not offer the services you deserve. We are different in that, our shipment services match with your needs.

We do not want to hear complaints of customers that their vehicles have been damaged in our hands. We do not want to delay the shipment. We also don’t want to encounter incidents where vehicles are stolen. Whenever you choose us, be assured that your car is going to be delivered in the best condition.


There are middlemen and brokers who operate in this shipping industry. These people are out to make themselves money without caring for the needs of the car owners. They will search for customers and connect them shipping companies or haulers but they don’t handle the shipment process themselves. So, it is unlikely that they know what is happening with your car during the time it is being transported. Anything can happen that leaves your vehicle damaged or stolen. We handle the shipping process ourselves.

Why choose us?

We make sure every time we deal with an automobile shipping client, we provide them with the very best in customer service. Most of these services mentioned above are available in many typical car transport companies. However, these are some of the things that set our company apart. Our customer service representatives are always on hand to:

  • Answer any questions the customer might have regarding the auto shipping process.
  • Give quotes and explain what the cost covers.
  • Give a comprehensive pre-shipping consultation and advice.
  • Go through the insurance details, contract, and bill of lading.
  • Give advice on how to make the shipment more affordable, if possible.

A spot check for a reliable car shipping company will reveal numerous hits, many of promises of quality service. We, on the other hand, have a track record of quality car transport that can be trusted.

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