How to Prepare Your Heavy Equipment for Transport

How to Prepare Your Heavy Equipment for Transport

With any form of transport services purchased, it’s always important to prepare for the process. Not only must you provide the proper documentation, but you must prepare the cargo. Depending on the details of your cargo, the preparation process differs. The objective however, is the same. Preparing your heavy equipment for its transport will not only keep your equipment safer, but those caring for its shipping process protected also. The transport company holds most of the responsibility but preparing according to their standards is the one thing they expect from their customers.



Failing to prepare your heavy equipment for its transport increases the risks involved. An accident may happen resulting in injury or damages to the cargo and the equipment used to haul it. Regardless, these are scenarios we would all like to avoid. Not to mention, if your heavy equipment was ill prepared for its transport, it is likely that the transport company’s insurance company will deny your claim in the case of an accident.

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Tips for Preparing Your Heavy Equipment for Transport

  • If the heavy equipment is to be packaged for its transport, refer to the owner’s manual for proper packaging techniques and materials. If you don’t own the manual, contact the manufacturer or check their website.
  • Disconnect any batteries or alarm systems
  • Empty any fluids
  • Secure all loose parts
  • Make lots of room for the transport company to come retrieve the heavy equipment
  • Have all the required permits ready or make sure the transporter has them ready in time
  • Cover any parts of the equipment that you do NOT want exposed to outside elements if it is being shipped by means of open air services
  • If your heavy equipment is being shipped with the RO/RO method, it may need to be operational

Lessen the risks involved in a heavy equipment transport by fulfilling the requirements above. Some transport companies may have other stipulations too. Pay close attention to the details and get the job done right. When everything is prepared properly, you will notice how much smoother the shipping process goes.

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