How Much it Will Cost to Have Your Car Transported For You During The Move

How Much it Will Cost to Have Your Car Transported For You During The Move

It is stressful to move from one home to another. Nevertheless, there are times when hiring moving professionals  is not a choice. Apart from the challenge that comes with packing your belongings in readiness for a move, transporting your car to your destination is yet another daunting task that you will have to deal with. However, hiring a reputable moving company to help can relieve the stress of the entire process. Perhaps you are wondering what it will cost to have your car transported to your destination?



Usually, the cost of transporting a car varies depending on several factors. This article provides an outline of the cost of moving your car.

Car moving costs vary

Moving is an extensive process that involves diverse aspects. You are not expecting to get a fixed cost for moving your car, or are you? Normally, the rates for moving cars vary depending on various factors. As such, it is important to provide all the necessary information about your car, the preferred means of transportation, the size of the car, pickup point, as well as the delivery point.

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Factors that influence cost of transporting a car

Transporting a car from one point to another is an involving activity. Highlighted below are some of the factors that influence the cost of transporting a car.

Distance of move

The distance of travel determines how much you will pay to have your car transported to your destination. Long distance moves are costly when compared to short distance ones. Usually, short distance moves can cost you a few hundred dollars, whereas you will have to part with more than a thousand dollars for long distance moves. Therefore, ensure that you give the correct distance to avoid getting wrong quotes.

 Type of car being transported

The types of car being transported dictates the amount you will pay for your car to be moved to your new home. Smaller cars are not so expensive to move, while it costs more to move trucks and SUVs.

 Auto transport method

You can have your car transported in a number of ways. The most common ones being towing and using trailers to move the car. Open trailers are quite cheap since they move many cars at a go. For enclosed trailers, it will cost you an additional $300 to $400 to have it transported to your destination.

Ease of pickup and delivery

You can have your car delivered to your doorsteps or use an off-the destination arrangement. Doorstep delivery is more expensive .

There isn’t a fixed cost when it comes to moving a car from one location to the other. Such costs change depending on various factors. It is advisable to take time to review all the aforementioned conditions to establish how much you will need to pay for your car to be transported. It is also advisable to disclose all necessary information to your moving company so they give you the right quote.

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