How Much Is It to Transport a Vehicle from a Dealer?

How Much Is It to Transport a Vehicle from a Dealer?

As a private dealer or dealership, it’s common to take advantage of auto shipping services from a reputable transport company. Actually, many transporters offer discounts to dealers for shipping multiple cars or for being such dedicated customers. Their services are guaranteed to keep your vehicle safe from harm during the delivery process to its new home.


How Much Is It to Transport a Vehicle from a Dealer? | A-1 Auto Transport, Inc.


The cost of your transport will depend on several details. Once the transporter is given the right information, they’ll have the ability to give you an accurate quote. However, shipping services are known for their affordability and cost efficiency. It is cheaper to go through a professional transport company than any possible alternative method.

Calculating the Cost of Shipping

To receive an accurate quote, here is some of the information the transport company will require:

  • The type of vehicle(s)- make, model and year
  • The pickup and drop off location addresses
  • The shipping services preferred
  • The time of year the transport is to take place
  • The current fuel costs

Aside from the above information requested, don’t hesitate to ask about any discounts or promotions you might qualify for as a dealer. Once all information is received, the transporter will provide you with an honest cost for car shipping services.

The Benefits of Hiring a Transport Company as a Dealer In Need of Shipping Services

  • They assure a smooth delivery process by training their employees to handle all vehicles and all the latest shipping technology and equipment
  • Transport services are cost effective and priced at low rates
  • Hiring a transporter tremendously lessens any risks involved with the delivery process of a car
  • They offer a variety of services and can even customize your vehicle transport
  • All licensed auto transport companies are required to offer their customers insurance coverage
  • You’re likelier to experience a successful delivery each and every time you take advantage of shipping services as a dealer

There are many advantages to hiring a transport company as a dealer in need of shipping services. It is wise to find a car shipping company with positive attributes and all the right licensing and qualifications to assure a lawful and smooth delivery process.

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