How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Jordan?

The cost of shipping a car from the U.S. to Jordan can be determined when specific information is received. After the transport company is provided with vehicle specs, the owner’s information, travel distance, and the desired shipping services, a quote can be given.

You may be surprised to find that the cost of international auto transport is practical and appealing to nearly all budgets.

With the various services available to safely ship a car to Jordan, take the time to understand what is offered. Overseas transport is a service commonly used by car dealerships and manufacturers, who trade, sell and buy inventory from other dealers and makers all over the globe. The low costs and guaranteed delivery make it possible for anyone to take advantage of shipping services.

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Are There Any Other Costs I Need to Know About?

As previously mentioned, overseas transports are available to anyone who may need a car imported into another country without spending a lot of money on the services chosen to get it there. Though the cost of shipping services are kept low, making them easy to take advantage of, there are other costs associated with the car’s import.

To earn official consent for the car to enter Jordan, pay the taxes and duties associated with your vehicle’s import. What you pay out to the country in tax relies on the vehicle’s engine size, age and safety features. Other details may also affect the tax rates you’re charged with, but your transport company can explain all of the charges if you have any concerns. The Embassy of Jordan is available to take calls concerning the import laws and tax rates for auto imports. The information they provide is in accordance with the laws presently in place.

Taxes Associated with Auto Import.

  • Sales Tax- 16%
  • Special Tax for Passenger Vehicles- 56%
  • Income Tax- 2%
  • Vehicles with an engine capacity of 1600cc or less with all the right safety features is exempt from paying up to 15% less in taxes.
  • Additional fees from Customs and the Registration Departments may apply. Inspection fees might also affect when owed in import taxes for Jordan.

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