How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car Roll-On/Roll-Off?

Cost of RORO Shipping

RORO car shipping is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to ship a car to another country. As with any type of shipment, costs will vary based on the shipping distance and the weight of the vehicle, as well as any special services or handling that are required.

What Is RORO Shipping?

RORO shipping is one of the primary method of transporting a vehicle to another country (the other being container shipping). RORO stands for “roll on, roll off,” which more or less describes the process. The car is “rolled” or driven onto the transport ship, where it is then stored securely below the deck in a cargo area designed for moving cars.

Cost to ship a car roll-on/roll-off

Once in the cargo area, the car is held in place by skids, soft ties, or other methods of keeping it from moving during the shipping process. Upon arriving at the destination port, the car is unattached and simply driven off the boat. RORO can be an efficient way of transporting cars since it doesn’t involved unloading a ship full of containers and emptying their contents. Once your car arrives, it’s ready to go.

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It’s important to keep in mind that RORO shipping means your car is shipped on a boat, which in turn means it must first be transported to the appropriate port. This can be an added cost, especially if you need to have your car shipped from the Midwest to a seaport.

Understanding RORO Car Shipping Costs

Pricing for RORO car shipping is relatively straightforward and consistent. Since the process is so streamlined and very little preparation is required, you should see similar pricing even from different companies. There are certain factors which can increase the cost of shipping with the RORO method, which we will briefly review in the section below.

  • Distance – It shouldn’t be surprising that distance is one of the most important aspects of determining cost. While there is less prep work involved than with containerized car shipping, transporting by RORO still involves the same types of expenses as other types of transport, mainly fuel and labor costs. More distance (or transport to areas that are not easily accessible) equates to higher shipping costs.
  • Import Taxes – Taxes on imported vehicles can be high, excessively so in some countries. Depending on the trade regulations and federal standards, you may face an import tax that is equal to the value of your car! Definitely important information to get squared away early if you’re trying to get an accurate price for RORO car shipping.

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