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You must know that not all auto shippers will be dependable unless you are more knowledgeable about the nature of the business. Some clients even mistake shippers as brokers. As much as possible, you must be aware of the discrepancies between the two.

Primarily, an auto shipper will move your vehicle from one point to another. On the contrary, a broker will find you car transportation companies to work with. Afterward, you will select one that complies with your standards, such as services offered and cost.


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If you do not want to make things complicated, you should stick to finding an auto shipping firm. Besides the difference between a shipper and broker, you should know about the various types of auto transportation companies.

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Listed below are the different kinds of auto transportation companies:

Kinds of auto transport companies

  • Truck Transportation Companies. These are car shipping firms, and from the name itself, they use trucks in order to bring your car to its destination. Most of the time, this is the type of vehicle shipper depended on by most clients when moving their car to one or more states. You can consider the services of this type of company cheaper, especially now that it uses a truck instead of air transport. Normally, this type of shipper drops the vehicles at a local terminal wherein you can pick up your car as well.
  • Rail Freight Shippers. These are the auto transportation companies that haul cars with the use of a train. As a result, your vehicle will be moved as rail cargo. According to most, this is both safer and faster compared to the truck transportation. However, you must know that it can sometimes cost more. Moreover, you have limited options when it comes to rail freight shippers. You may also need extra insurance in order to secure the transportation of your car.
  • Air Transportation Companies. As the name suggests, these firms move your vehicles with the use of the most expensive option – air transport. Apparently, these companies offer the safest and fastest means of delivering your car to your next destination. These companies may deliver your car to your door. Alternatively, your vehicle may be picked up at the airport upon arrival. The first option often comes with additional costs.

Now that you are aware of the different types of auto transport companies, it will be clearer to you what type of shipper to find. By having a selection of different types of car shippers, you will find it easier to make a short list of company options.

However, consider signing up for A-1 Auto Transport’s services. Our clients trust our services, and you can call us anytime if you wish to know more about our company and what we can do for you. You can even visit our website and get a free quote!

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