Four (4) Car Transport

Four (4) Car Transport

The process of shipping four cars to another location is definitely a lot of responsibility, especially for someone with no prior knowledge or experience on how to safely conduct a transport. It takes a great deal of care as well as all the right tools and equipment to successfully haul four vehicles at once. Fortunately, there are a lot of longstanding transporters with 10-12 vehicle haulers and other forms of transport that can manage the delivery of multiple cars.



The Best Way to Ship Multiple Vehicles

Customer service representatives for the shipping company will gladly help you decide on services suiting for your situation and budget. Open air shipping is the less expensive transport method. In fact, most dealerships and manufacturers use open air methods to transport their vehicles.

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For international deliveries, the RO/RO transport method is an open air service that most use for these deliveries when they have more than one vehicle to ship. RO/RO shipping includes driving the vehicles onto a flatbed ship where they are secured. Once the ship arrives to the proper seaport, the cars are unfastened and driven off the ship.

If you use open air methods for the delivery of your cars, make sure that the vehicles are prepped for the transport properly. The vehicles should be cleaned inside and out. There should be nothing in the vehicles other than a car jack, spare tire and floor mats. Take some pictures of the cars before they begin their journey with the transporter. Pictures are a great reference when you go to inspect the vehicles after their delivery is final. It’s unlikely that your vehicles will suffer any harm but you always want to check for reassurance. If you notice any damages, the transporter can file an insurance claim for you.


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