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How To Ship Your Falcon Motorsports

Few manufacturers can claim the title of a proudly American supercar better than Falcon motorsports. A sports car to be proud of, one would not want just anyone transporting their prized possession. Luckily, with our company as your preferred shipping partner, you will not have any cause for worry.

With our company by your side, you will be investing in car transportation that is backed up with years of experience and some of the best minds in the auto shipment industry. We have been around for many years, and understand what it takes to be the best in the game, and to deliver consistently. The car shipping industry is a tough one, and to have a company maintain a stellar record as the go to shipping service provider means they know what they are doing.

Even though we have been around for many years, we understand the fact that every customer requires different treatment, especially when transporting a sports car as high profile as one from Falcon Motorsports. Customers are more than file numbers to us. We take a personal approach with every case, giving clients a contact person with whom they can create and maintain a rapport, as well as provide them with the focused and individualized service they need. This is regardless of whether the relationship is a short term or long term one, or whether the shipping is national or international.

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Our company prides itself in the number of options that customers have. For instance, for cross country shipment, we have both open and enclosed shipping carriers. When shipping the typical sedan, then the open carriers are appropriate, especially for dealerships that need to transport as many as ten vehicles every trip. However, when dealing with top of the range sports cars, vintage collector’s items or luxury cars, our company offers the exclusivity of enclosed carriers. Internationally, we have freight, air, and rail transport options, all coming at an affordable cost.

We recognize that shipment can be a very worrying experience, especially for the first timers. The idea of handing over one’s prized possession to people you have only just known to transport it long distance is a nerve wracking experience. On the other hand, constantly calling the company to find out the state of one’s shipment might appear nagging, or might simply be difficult given one’s work schedule. The option that remains is being able to track one’s vehicle.

Our company understands the importance of this and offers clients the chance to keep track of their shipments from the comfort of their homes. Simply log into our website and using your order number, find out the exact state of your vehicle, the location, the time remaining to arrival, and be able to access real time images of the shipment.

Other important services and advantages our company offers include

  • Full insurance of up t0 $ 250,000 for every vehicle
  • Door to door pickup and delivery
  • Quality customer support and quick and timely answers to questions and requests
  • Comprehensive pre-shipment consultation and advice

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