Auto Star Trans Inc. Reviews

80 SW 8th Street Suite 2000 Miami, FL 33130
80 Southwest 8th Street Miami Florida 33130 US
(850) 807-4777 – Office (888) 802 8250 – Toll Free(850) 807-4777 – Office (888) 802 8250 – Toll Free

Auto Star Trans Inc. is an automotive transportation brokerage firm based in Miami, Florida.
They are registered with the US department of Transportation under the USDOT No 2329885.
They transport and ship cars all over the continental US. Shipping to Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii
and the US Virgin Islands requires special steps which are outlined in their website.

The company specializes in quick, efficient, and safe transportation. Their services include door
to door delivery for personal vehicles and direct transport by avoiding terminals as they waste
time. They transport all types of cars including classic cars and antiques, motorcycles, and
oversized vehicles. Their shipping timelines are rather impressive, with their coast to coast
shipping taking between 7 and 10 days. North to south and vice versa take 3 to 5 days, while
shipping within a state takes a day or two.

Auto Star Trans Inc. is the one of the few companies that maintains a money-back guarantee if
your car is not picked up within their 10 day guaranteed period. They also have vehicle tracking
system that keeps you informed via updates throughout the transportation period. They also
have a $25 discount on all student relocation transport services within the US. You can obtain a
quote by talking to a representative through the chat function on their website or by calling the
numbers provided.