Cost to Ship a Car to Hawaii

When shipping a vehicle from the mainland to Hawaii, your chief concern will likely be how much it is going to cost to do the job. This figure is difficult to come up with exactly because it largely depends on where you are located and where in Hawaii the car needs to be. With that said, most people are impressed by just how affordable it is to complete the job.

Factor in All the Costs

There are generally two costs to consider when having a car shipped to Hawaii, the cost to get the vehicle to and from both ports, and the cost for the car to be sent across the ocean to Hawaii. The ocean portion of the trip is predictable and when relying on a well-known service provider transport is usually less than $1,000. The rate depends on the business you use and what type of ship you rely on to move your vehicle though.


Cost to Ship a Car to Hawaii


Transporting your vehicle to the port, itself will cost you as well, but the cost depends on where you are located and how much of the work you are willing to do yourself. For vehicle owners close by, it usually makes sense to just drive to the port and see the car being loaded on the ship properly. For those that live farther away, say on the east coast or up north, it often makes more sense to hire a company to transport your car to the port where it will be shipped. Cross-country transport costs vary and should be considered if you’re going to rely on this method for shipping your vehicle.

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Consider the Type of Transport

Roll on and roll off shipping is the most affordable and it’s the service that you should try to use to pay the lowest prices. There are some boats with ramps that make it possible to drive the car right up onto the ship. These are the most affordable and are faster to use than a boat that loads using a crane or some other heavy piece of machinery. If your car drives you should have no trouble using a roll-on boat to do the shipping. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t drive, you’ll need to factor in the additional costs of a shipping service that will load the vehicle up manually.

While the costs to ship a car to Hawaii vary, the price is reasonable. Contact a well-known shipping company for an actual quote for the job for more information, you might be surprised at the price that you receive.

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