How To Ship Your Chamonix.

For a person who loves vintage cars as a Chamonix, the perfect choice for car shipping is also needed. When moving from Brazil, we can be your most trusted partner.

Our Company is committed to bringing you the best car shipping services aligned to your budget and your car’s safety.

Making us your preferred car shipping company, gives you enough reasons to be on a winning note. Not only do you get best quality services at affordable pricing but also, no hidden charges.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-452-2880 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your car.

Some of our unique auto transport services include:

Domestic and International Automobile Shipping Services.

Our services include both domestic and international car shipping services.

  • Domestic Shipping: Within state/province, shipping is supported. Services include road transport, rail transport, freight transport and air transport. Domestive travel within Brazil is now possible along with your car.
  • International Shipping: We also handle your international auto shipping requirements, when you are needed for an assignment overseas. You can be sure that your car will also be shipped properly.

Flexible Pickup and Delivery Services.

We offer flexible and comfortable automobile pickup and delivery services. Pickup and delivery of your priced CBT shall be done at your preferred location and timeline.

We also offer door to door and terminal to terminal car shipping services.

  • Door to Door Shipping: You have the car shipped to your home or office, or any other specific location, right at your doorstep. Shipping door to door is an option preferred by vintage car owners for safety reasons.
  • Terminal to Terminal Shipping: We also offer terminal to terminal services that helps you to receive your vehicle from any nearest shipping terminal of our company.
Vehicle Protection Services and Guarantee.

A vehicle is as precious as your family and we understand the same.. At our company, our primary concern is vehicle safety.

In case there is any damage occurring during your vehicle shipping, you are rest assured to be covered by vehicle insurance as well.

We also offer both enclosed and open auto transport services.

  • Open: You can lower the cost of shipping your automobile by making use of our open shipping services with preferred top placement to protect your vehicle from leaking fluids and debris.
  • Enclosed: We also offer enclosed car shipping services for those who need it. For vintage cars like your CBT, we would always prefer you go with enclosed shipping.


Why Choose Us?

  • Right affordable pricing
  • Vast shipping industry expertise
  • Great Customer service
  • Delivery in time

When you have decided to ship your dear CBT to another location, leave no more grounds but to choose us as your car shipping partner. We know the business and we strive to achieve your satisfaction.

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