Canceling an Auto Transport Order

Canceling an auto transport order can be done obviously, but there are still some things that you should be aware of should you decide to change your mind after placing the order. Each auto transport company will differ in terms of their cancellation policies, so you should always keep that in mind. With that being said, if you want to cancel your auto transport order, make sure to take the following into consideration:

Check the Policy of the Auto Transport Company BEFOREHAND

Most people don’t bother to read the cancellation policy that a company has. They are not all created equal, which means that they do have some variations between them. Before you sign anything, you really should take the time to go over it. Otherwise, you might be locking yourself into something that you can’t get out of.

So where do you find an auto transport company’s cancellation policy? It’s usually in their Terms and Conditions section, which should be accessible on their website. If it’s not, make sure to ask the company directly. To be extra safe, you want to have something in writing.

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What Does the Cancellation Policy Describe?

In most instances, a cancellation policy will lay out the instances in which you can cancel your order without too many complications, as well as minimal, if any, fees that you will be responsible for.

It will lay out:

  • The cut-off point in which you can cancel without minimal penalty
  • What the penalty is for canceling
  • Information about canceling the order at an advanced stage of delivery

When Should You Cancel By?

Ideally, when you cancel your auto transport order, it should be before the deposit has been made. If you’re going through an auto transport broker, the best time to cancel would be between when you first make the order all the way until they find a carrier, which is when you would normally have to pay the deposit. During this stage, it doesn’t matter your reasoning for canceling, and there is no penalty involved, especially if you have not made a deposit.

Canceling After a Deposit Has Been Made

If you have already made your deposit, it gets a bit more complicated. There are two stages to consider:

  • Making a deposit but it has not yet been picked up


  • Making a deposit and it has already been picked up

For the first one, if you’ve already made the deposit, but it has not yet been picked up, you will receive a refund, though you may also have to pay some sort of cancellation fee or penalty. It is not going to be much, and the important thing to note is that, by law, the transport company has to provide you with your deposit back no matter what. You may experience a delay in receiving the deposit back, so be mindful of that if you really need the money returned to you right away.

Unfortunately, if you have already made a deposit AND your vehicle has been picked up, good luck being able to cancel it. It can be extremely difficult to do and results in major route changes in many cases for the carrier. You would, at the very least, have to pay an extremely large penalty or fee that could almost match the cost itself.

In short, be mindful of your auto transport company’s cancellation policy and make a decision that you’re fully confident in before you commit to anything, especially in terms of a deposit.

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