Can I Ship My Car to France?

Can I Ship My Car to France?

It is possible to have your car shipped safely from the U.S. to France. By hiring a licensed transport company for the job, you can rest assured that your car will lawfully and safely make it into the nation. An international transport company with history in the industry will have the knowledge and training they need to help you comply with the import laws set by France.


Can I Ship My Car to France?


Complying with the import policies of another country is one of the most confusing and exhausting parts of the shipping process. Your shipping company will provide their assistance as you prepare the proof you need for Customs. This proof will contain various documents including proof that you paid the nation’s import taxes in full. The only way your car can lawfully be imported is if it is approved for import approval and given the right verification.

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Available Overseas Car Shipping Methods

RO/RO shipping is an open air transport method. This is the cheapest and most cost effective form of overseas auto shipping. Your car must be carefully prepared and completely empty before it is picked up by the shipping company. The car will be left susceptible to poor weather and other outdoor elements during its journey. This lack of protection is rarely a concern especially since every U.S. state sets minimum insurance requirements for licensed transport companies.

Another favored method of transport is container shipping. Container shipping is a great option for any shipping customer with the need to ship other belongings to France with their car. Although this method of overseas transport is a bit more costly than the RO/RO method, it presents a lot more options. For example, you will be able to choose between several container sizes and your possessions can be packed inside the vehicle and remaining container space. However, all belongings will need import approval as well. If you do not need all of the space provided within a shipping container, you can split the space and cost of the shipping service with another individual.

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