BMW Batmobile 2.0

How To Ship Your BMW Batmobile 2.0

The BMW Batmobile is the name given to the 3.0 CSL produced from 1971. It was the high performance version of the 3.0CS, and part of the BMW’s New Six CS. It came as a 2-door coupe, with the same 2,985 cc straight 6 engine that served the 3.0CS.

In 1972 the engine got an increased displacement to 3,003 cc, and another increase to 3,153 cc in 1973. The last version of the 3.0CSL was nicknamed “Batmobile” because of its full aero package which consisted of massive air guides and an enlarged rear spoiler. With the 3.2L displacement, the car had a power output of 206 hp, and was a successful racing car.

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When engaging an auto transport company to deliver your BMW Batmobile, here are qualities to look out for:

  • Reliability: You need a company with whom you can be assured that your car will be delivered on schedule and intact. This reliability comes with years of experience and expertise.
  • Affordability: Over-priced shipping companies are a no-go. Affordability is paramount to allow you much ease in shipping both within the country and across countries.
  • Customer-oriented: The shipping company should be one that puts the satisfaction of their customers above every other thing. Such company should be able to provide good customer service to supply all the information you need about the movement of your car. This will allow you be sure you are dealing with the right people who can handle your vehicle properly.
  • Certified and insured: In order to ensure your car is in the right hands, the shipping company should be licensed and insured. This will guarantee that your car will arrive safe. Also, should there be any issues during transit, you can still be sure your car is protected.

What You Should Know.

  • Cost of shipping is usually based on the weight and where you are shipping to. However, there are some extra charges that depend on the kind of shipping service you go for.
  • Shipping with open carriers will save you some money, but your car will be exposed to weather factors. Enclosed carriers offer more protection and are also more expensive.
  • Domestic shipping is usually faster, since the car only has to be moved from interstate, and it is less expensive compared to international shipping. International shipping, on the other hand, covers long distance, coast to coast movement of vehicles. To have your car shipped overseas, across countries, it will require more details, like customs issues, and will take more time.
  • Part of the options you may have to choose from will be either terminal to terminal delivery or door to door. This means your car can either be delivered to a terminal from where you will be expected to pick it, or it can also be delivered to your home. Of course, door to door will cost something extra than terminal delivery.
  • Insurance for your vehicle can be part of the cost of the shipping or separated as an extra cost. You should find out about this, and if you care to purchase more insurance, you can, especially for more expensive cars.

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