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Shipping an Oversized Vehicle

Shipping an oversized vehicle can be difficult, but it's certainly not impossible to do. An oversized vehicle is defined as being a vehicle that can't fit onto an open auto transport trailer. This means that it requires the use of a flatbed to be attached to an auto transport truck. The reason why standard auto transport vehicles can't transport an oversized vehicle is because the trucks that they use will often contain hydraulic lifts on both sides, especially if it's a double-decker carrier. The oversized vehicle will literally not have enough space to fit inside of it, especially with the height restrictions that trucks have to abide by.



Why Shipping an Oversized Vehicle is Difficult

If your particular vehicle is a utility truck or some other vehicle where there is attached equipment to it, it will be oversized. If your vehicle is taller than the norm, it will be oversized. Weight is not necessarily a factor in most cases.


Some examples of oversized vehicles are limousines, buses, large vans, and pickup trucks with oversized tires or construction equipment, as well as the Ford E-550.


The auto transport broker that you decide to hire will not be easily able to find a carrier to transport your oversized vehicle initially. They will not be able to deal with the carriers that they normally would contact. What this results in is a dispatch process that is much slower. Brokers often work with carriers that they have worked with in the past, which results in a speedier process and better rates. Now, with an oversized vehicle, they would have to search for a carrier that offers this specialty service.


The Burden to You

Because of the difficulty involved, you will experience some delay in the time it takes for your oversized vehicle to be picked up and eventually delivered to its final destination. You will also be charged much more, as it is not too common, meaning that the basic laws of supply and demand in terms of prices takes over.


Since the transport trucks with flatbeds have to adhere to increases in rules and regulations in transporting an oversized vehicle on the road, their fuel economy also decreases the longer the route is, resulting in the costs being transferred to you.


To overcome many of these burdens, you should:


  • Plan ahead as much as possible in anticipation of the longer delivery time
  • Budget yourself to take into account the increase in price in comparison to shipping a normal vehicle


A-1 Auto Transport has a wealth of experience in shipping oversized vehicles. We will try to make the process as painless as possible and ensure that your delivery time is reasonable and the cost is affordable. Shipping an oversized vehicles doesn't have to be such an arduous process. Get in touch with our customer service representatives today and start the process!


The Benefits of Choosing an Auto Transport Broker

Most people are surprised to learn that auto transport brokers differ from auto transport carriers. Chances are, when you book your auto transport online, you're going through a broker, who, in turn, arranges everything with a carrier. An auto transport broker though is far from a "middle man" in the process, as they provide numerous benefits that would not be possible by directly going through a carrier.


Brokers Utilize More Resources

Auto transport brokers are able to utilize a myriad of resources in auto transport that you would not be able to have access to. Since an auto transport brokers want to ensure that you're provided with the best service possible, they make sure to chose from the best carriers available. They have access to carrier reviews, as well as have some information as to the reputation of the particular carrier, information which is located in their own internal databases. For example, one of the things that a transport broker such as A-1 Auto Transport will do is only to chose a carrier that provides full cargo insurance.


They also are able to have access to the most common routes around your specified locations and, in turn, provide you with an affordable price and a quick delivery time.


Brokers Aid More Small and Local Businesses

Auto transport brokers often contact local carriers, many of which are small businesses. This means that the local wife-and-husband lead carrier, for example, will see more business. This benefits them and benefits the small community that they're located in. The more that small businesses benefit, the better for everyone involved, as it contributes to a thriving economy.


A good auto transport broker will provide repeat business to carriers that have proven themselves to provide effective service. By choosing an auto transport broker, you can be confident that your vehicle will be transported by a carrier that is both reliable and also a small, local business.


Brokers Allow for Better Efficiency and Security

We already mentioned how auto transport brokers try their hardest to only chose carriers that are reliable, have stellar reputations, have cargo insurance, and have been in business for a long period of time. But what auto brokers also do is to chose carriers that will be able to ensure that your vehicle gets delivered as quickly as possible through a route that is personalized towards your own particular needs.


From a list of carriers that an auto broker has access to, they will be able to chose the one that can pick up your vehicle as soon as possible and the one that is located the closest to you. Otherwise, you could experience delays in having a carrier that may offer an attractive price, but is located far away or doesn't have the capacity to pick up your vehicle right away.


At A-1 Auto Transport, we make sure that every carrier has the full list of requirements and credentials that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ( requires!

The Use of Backhauling In The Car Transport Industry

In the auto transport industry, backhauling is actually quite common, even though, on the surface, it may not seem to make sense. A close examination of backhauling and the reason why auto transport companies frequently engage in this practice will shed some light on its current popularity:


What is Backhauling?


Backhauling occurs when an auto transport carrier picks up a vehicle in a location, transports it to another location, where they then pick up a different vehicle, and bring it back to the original location. More specifically, the following example is the best representation of what backhauling is:


  • An auto transport carrier in Los Angeles, California picks up Vehicle A. They then drive it to San Diego, where it is dropped off.
  • While at the same location in San Diego, the driver picks up Vehicle B and drives back to Los Angeles, where it is dropped off.


The auto transport carrier is thus going back to the original area where it just came from, with the difference being that it is transporting a new vehicle.


Why Auto Transport Carriers Engage in Backhauling

Backhauling simply makes logistical sense. In many scenarios, a carrier will drop off vehicles in various locations or one specific location and then have to return to its home base empty handed. They may drive from California all the way to Illinois to drop off a series of vehicles on their route, but then have to return to California without any vehicles. By choosing to pickup vehicles on the way back to California, they can make money on the return journey, rather than spending money on gas and expenses without any financial gain.


Do All Auto Transport Carriers Do It?

Not all auto transport carriers perform backhauling, even though it makes economic sense for them. Backhauling requires a significant amount of planning, mainly in advance, as they have to arrange it ahead of time in terms of picking up vehicles to transport back on their return journey. It needs to make sense for the carrier both logistically and financially.


The main priority of carriers is still the original transport load, so backhauling is not always on their minds.


How You Can Benefit From Backhauling

You can benefit from backhauling mainly in the form of discounts. Since carriers, as long as the route makes logistical sense, would rather make SOME money rather than no money on the return journey, they may offer major discounts in order to secure your business. You're more likely to find a carrier that could transport your vehicle in this scenario if your vehicle is being delivered to a major city or at least on the way to a major city. If your vehicle is located or has to be delivered to a remote location, the chances are slim that you'll be to do it.


Each auto transport company has different policies as it pertains to backhauling. You can contact A-1 Auto Transport today and ask about trying to arrange it!

The Best Family Cars of 2015

If you're searching for a car to purchase for your family, you should have realized that your priorities in what you're looking for in a car have changed. The best family cars are ones that are spacious, get pretty decent mileage, and are safe and reliable. Due to the popularity of family cars, as well as the intense competition amongst different car manufacturers, each and every year sees improvements in the models that are available. In 2015, that's no exception. Here's the list of the best family cars of 2015:


Chevrolet Tahoe

The Chevrolet Tahoe is an ideal choice for those who value spaciousness. As a full-size SUV, it has plenty of storage room for groceries and luggage and can fit a maximum of 9 people. That's perfect for a big family, especially on a long trip.



Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has remained popular for years, and there's good reason why. It is not only extremely safe and reliable, but it gets excellent mileage and is quite a beautiful car. Its exterior is sleek, and it's interior is as well, containing many of the perks that are usually associated with luxury vehicles.



Ford F-150

This isn't thought of you as your typical family car. But it's actually pretty spacious inside. Its main benefit though is its towing ability. You have plenty of the same storage options that a pickup truck is noted for, plus extreme power and excellent fuel efficiency due to its V6 2.7 liter Ecoboost engine.



Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has the reliability that people have come to expect with the Honda brand and is highly affordable at its price. Many features that usually come with higher-end vehicles are included, such as a backup camera. Did we mention its amazing fuel efficiency? For an affordable, safe, and reliable family car, you can't go wrong with the Honda Civic.



Hyundai Sonata

As a midsize Sedan, the Hyundai Sonata has seen a makeover for the 2015 model, and it's for the best. It comes with an attractive amount of standard features, far more than most vehicles at its low starting price, and, perhaps the best feature is that it comes with a 10-year warranty. You'd be hard pressed to find a vehicle that offers that today, as it's quite above the norm.



Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder is a phenomenal choice for a midsize sedan. It features third row seating that has been designed to easily hold a child seat, and, so that you can always watch your children, it also has a back seat camera that you can view from the front. It's the perfect car if you have more than one child.



You can't go wrong with the above list of the best family cars of 2015. Of course, always make sure to take into account your budget and your own particular needs. Since it's your family's safety in mind, make sure to consider each and every vehicle before making your final decision.

Shipping Cargo Vans

If you need to ship a cargo van, it can be a challenge in some cases, but with careful planning and an understanding of what your options are, it doesn't have to be such a hard process. Shipping a cargo van be a different process in comparison to shipping a regular car or a sedan. The first thing to know is that the particular model of your cargo van will have a lot to do with how easy or difficult it's going to be to transport it.



The Type of Cargo Van

The type of cargo van that you have, including its purpose and its specifications, will affect the delivery time and the cost of shipping. In particular, some cargo vans may be able to be placed on and shipped through a normal carrier, while some may simply be too big in both their size and weight to be shipped through this method. If that's the case, the vehicle will be considered to be oversized, meaning that it will have to be shipped using a flatbed.


An example of cargo vans that, while large, will still be able to fit on a normal carrier are those within the Ford E-Series, though some, like the Ford E-550, are too large. Still though, even if they are able to fit onto a normal carrier, their heavy weight will result in a higher cost to you.


Some types of cargo vans that are simply too big to be shipped normally are the:


  • Nissan NV's
  • Ford Transit Connects
  • Sprinter Vans


Things You Should Be Aware Of

Whether it's shipped normally or shipped on a flatbed due to being oversized, shipping cargo vans will cost you more than a regular vehicle. That you can be sure of, especially since they weigh a great deal.


If it's a cargo van that is overweight though, you will also have to deal with longer delivery times, which can be significant if the auto transport broker is having difficulty in finding a specialty carrier.


To counteract the negatives associated with shipping cargo vans, make sure to specify the exact model to your auto transport broker to determine if it is oversized or not. Also make sure to plan ahead and take into account the longer shipping time that you may experience, as well as the increase in the cost. If the distance that the cargo van needs to travel is not so far, consider driving it there yourself. After all, one of the benefits of a cargo van is that it is perfect for a road trip.


A-1 Auto Transport has years of experience in shipping cargo vans. Contact us today and we will be able to look up your cargo van model and determine the best course of action for you to take. We will work diligently to plan the best route, provide you with the fastest shipping time, and make sure that you're not paying anything outlandish, all with a free quote!