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High Dollar Car Transportation

If you drive a luxury vehicle or a priceless classic car, then you know the inherent fear that goes along with entrusting the care and transport of your vehicle into another’s hands.  However, high dollar cars must be preserved in pristine condition, which often requires them to be shipped as opposed to driven from point A to point B. 



In all situations, this transportation is best left to the professionals.  So if you are moving across country (or even state) or you need to get your vehicle to a far off location or a different country, you will want to enlist the help of an auto transport company familiar with high dollar cars.


There are a few decisions you must personally make prior to seeking out and finding a reputable auto transport company.  The first is whether you want your vehicle transported in a closed container or on an open carrier.  Open carrier is the most common method of transport, as well as the most affordable.   Unfortunately,  it tends to expose your vehicle to a variety of elements during the shipping process, an issue that may resonate negatively when you drive an expensive car.  If the pristine preservation of your vehicle is a top priority when shipping high dollar cars, you will probably want to request a closed container.  Because of space limitations on carriers shipping containers,  you will encounter a much higher price point when obtaining quotes.  Most likely, based on the fact that you do drive an expensive vehicle, that price increase will pose no issue.


It is important to find a company with extensive experience providing transport for high dollar cars.  Even if an auto transport company has been in business for quite some time, there are no guarantees that their drivers have previously dealt with these specialty vehicles.  Make sure to request references from previous customers, and also check the business standing with the Better Business Bureau.  A reputable company will work closely with you to determine your personal preferences and needs for shipping your vehicle, instead of trying to pigeon-hole you in the most convenient transport process for them.


Finally, take your time researching your options and go with the company who offers the most professional and reputable service.  This is not the transport of an everyday vehicle, so you should select a company who recognizes the value of your high dollar car, and is willing to go above and beyond providing the transportation and making the experience great.


Dually Truck Transport

Dually truck transport often requires specific equipment and knowledge from the transport driver, so it is no surprise that it tends to cost more than standard size vehicle transport.  A dually is a heavy duty truck with four rear tires, whereas standard trucks usually just have two tires in the back. 



These trucks are built for heavy lifting and towing, so they have tougher shocks, brakes, and suspension than standard trucks.  If your truck fits in a regular car carrier, you probably won’t need to worry about an increase in price, but if it is much larger than standard, you may need to explore the possibility of shipping it on a flatbed carrier.


It is very important when arranging the transport of your dually truck that you find a company familiar with these types of vehicles.  Some companies do not like to take on the responsibility of shipping large trucks, while others consider it their specialty.  It is definitely in your best interest to research and find an auto transport company with a lot of experience with these specific vehicles.  Your dually truck hauls and transports so much for you that you will want it in the best hands possible for its own transport.


As previously stated, you may find that your truck will cost more to ship than standard size vehicles, although the price difference may be negligible if your truck isn’t too big.  Some drivers unfortunately do not handle dually trucks, so it does cut down on the number of people willing to take on the responsibility.  If the auto transport company you contact is familiar with this type of specialized vehicle, they will take into account this fact when you first contact them and give you a quote based on past experience.  Overall, it is extremely important to thoroughly vet any potential transport company before agreeing to having them ship your dually.

Cheapest Way to Ship Vehicles Internationally

There are many potential companies when selecting an auto transport service to ship your vehicle internationally, but only a few that will truly go the extra mile (or 10,000) to ensure you are a happy customer. 



By taking the following advice, you can find a reputable auto transport company that meets your needs while still offering you an affordable rate.




Shop Around

Before even picking up the phone, do a little research to ensure your first contact is decent.  You can begin by performing a simple Google search, and after narrowing down the possibilities based on their transport range, check reviews.  Also, verify they are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.  All of these factors are hugely important, but a good first impression when you do make contact is also key.  Does the agent sound professional?  Knowledgeable?  Are they pushing you to make a commitment or do they seem content to let you make your own mind up?  An exceptional auto transport company knows there is nothing gained by forcing your hand, and will simply let their prices and reputation speak for itself.




Verify Import Regulation 

Depending on your destination country, all import laws differ, and some don’t allow the transport of a used vehicle, or simply put a limitation on the year, make, or model of the vehicle.  Exceptions are often made for vintage or classic cars, but you will want to double check with the country’s Customs before making the decision to ship.  Many countries do allow an open-ended regulation for shipping any vehicle, but will gauge you when it comes to import taxes and fees, sometimes charging in excess of the vehicle’s value.  An honest import company will be up front about these financial repercussions, but they don’t always know offhand the specifics.  For this reason, it is imperative you do your own research before deciding to ship your car internationally.




Compare Apples to Apples 

When obtaining competitive quotes, you will want to ensure that they all cover the same essential requirements.  If you don’t, you may end up with quotes all over the board, and the most appealing one may end up being more expensive in the long run.  Verify that the company carries at least the minimum required level of insurance, more if you feel it’s warranted.  Also, determine if you need door-to-door transport versus port-to-port.  Finally, do you require a closed container or an open carrier?  All of these things contribute to cost and determining the best course of transport for your vehicle.  Also, a truly comprehensive auto transport may include import taxes and fees in the quote, but most do not, so take that into consideration as well before making your decision.

Car Transport with $100 Fee

Auto transport is a significant expenditure, but in most situations, the benefits make the cost well worth it.  There are, however, some auto transport companies that want to nickel and dime you for everything possible. 



You will want to do research well in advance of needing the service, so that you can compile a list of a quotes and get a feel for what to expect.  One thing you may encounter in your search is a transport company advertising a $100 fee.


This fee is usually paid directly to the broker who facilitates the transport, so it is essentially their cut of the transaction.  One hundred dollars may seem a high price to pay to the middleman, but brokers have a huge network of drivers and will easily be able to get you the best price possible for your transport.  Keep that in mind when determining what company you select for your auto transport.  Also, it is important to note that even if a company claims to have no additional fee or surcharge, they will still be factoring in income for all parties involved.  This means that the total quote will be higher than another competitor because they include the $100 (or different additional amount) automatically.


The best rule of thumb when doing your research on auto shipping companies is that you can’t compare apples to oranges.  Make sure you get the entire picture of what is included in the quotes you are provided.  If a company wants too tack additional fees down the line, they are probably not that reputable to begin within.  Use caution too if you encounter a company low balling all others drastically, because oftentimes they will not be able to provide you with a driver at a significantly lower price point.  This can leave you in dire straits when it comes time for your vehicle to be picked up and shipped and no one is there as promised.


Essentially, a company with a $100 fee is actually offering you transparency in your dealings instead of hiding their fee in the overall quote.  It also helps to remove the possibility of an auto transport company charging you even more than what they initially offer.



Average Cost to Transport Vehicle State to State

There are so many contributing factors that determine the cost when transporting your vehicle from state to state that it is hard to give a quote without touching upon these different aspects. 



The following are the main qualities that weigh in heavily that most, if not all, transport companies will use when creating a quote for your personal situation.




Distance of Transport 

This is probably the most obvious factor, so it definitely deserves recognition first.  The cost of transporting a vehicle from California to Nevada will be much lower than the cost of transporting the same vehicle from Oregon to Florida.  Obviously, distance being the main reason for this cost differential.  Same goes if you are looking simply to do intrastate transport.  The distance between the topmost part of Northern California and the bottommost part of Southern California will be more than the distance from one end of Rhode Island to the other (obviously) and will warrant a higher cost for transport.  Crossing state lines is much less likely to impact the cost than the actual mileage between point A and point B.



Type of Vehicle 

Not only does this pertain to the year, make, and model of a standard sedan, SUV, or truck, but also to the actual type of a more customized or unique vehicle.  For example, certain motorcycles or off-road vehicles could potentially cost less due to the size and requirements of your specific ride.   Conversely, classic cars or antique vehicles could warrant a higher price tag, depending on the level of insurance required, not to mention specialty transport instructions needed (more information to follow).



Closed Container vs. Open Air Carrier 

The most common method of transport is via an open air carrier truck.  This is much more affordable because of the ability to fit more vehicles on the truck, and the easier method of loading and offloading versus closed containers.  Closed containers are usually a better option for someone deeply concerned about the aesthetic value of their vehicle, and those who just prefer the absolute safest (and justifiably most expensive) method of transport.



Route and Timeline 

If you are flexible with the timeline for pick-up, transport, and drop-off of your vehicle, you will be able to negotiate the best deal possible.  This is because it allows the transport company more time to match you with a driver already along your route, allowing them to offer the best rate as well.  If you have a pick-up or drop-off location off the beaten path, you can expect a higher quote because detours can slow down the transport of all the vehicles entrusted to the driver.  However, you may consider lowering your cost by offering to drop off your vehicle at a more convenient location for the auto transport company.



Seasonal Factors 

Because “snowbirds” or those who migrate south for winter and back up north for summer often utilize auto transport companies bi-annually, they hugely dictate the market during these particular seasons.  This is entirely due to supply and demand.  Transport companies recognize the need in shipping these vehicles, and work to capitalize on the income available during that time.  If you need transport the opposite direction during these seasonal rushes, you may be able to negotiate an amazing deal, because so often trucks are sent back the way they came with little to no cargo on board.


While trying to figure out an average quote for vehicle transport from state to state is next to impossible without more specific information.  All reputable auto transport companies will be able to provide you with free quotes, and after obtaining a handful of these based on your exact personal situation, you can calculate an average on your own.