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How to End Your Car Lease Early

Whatever the reason may be, such as changes in your life circumstances, wanting to purchase a new vehicle, or having to move overseas, you may decide that you want to end your lease before the end date. However, many of you may be a bit fearful that you will suffer harsh financial penalties for doing so, yet that is not always the case. It helps to be aware of the options that you have available and to then chose the one that's best for you.


Your Options:


Bring It Back to the Dealership

This is the most common way to end a lease early. It is also the option that brings with it the highest financial penalty. By returning the vehicle back to the dealership from which you originally obtained the lease, you will have to pay all of the financial penalties that were outlined in the original lease agreement.


Depending on the particular lease agreement, you may even have to pay extra penalties and pay off any payments that are outstanding.


For these very reasons, this is not the first option that you should consider if you elect to terminate your car lease early.


Chose to Purchase the Vehicle

Regardless of the lease that you have, you can always buyout the lease. You will have to talk to the leasing company, but you will be able to purchase the vehicle from them completely, regardless of which stage the lease is in in most cases.


You should consider the resale value of the vehicle, as you will often have to pay an amount that is at least at market value. This can result in you having to ultimately pay more to purchase the vehicle than it is actually worth.


Trade It In


Depending on the dealership, you may actually be able to lease or purchase another vehicle if you trade in your current one. However, if you chose to lease a new vehicle by trading your current one in, any of the penalties and fees of the original lease will cause your new payments to be higher.


The one benefit of this option is that, while it is still ultimately expensive, you will be able to pay off the penalties of ending the lease early over a longer period of time.


Have Another Person Acquire It

If another person agrees to take over the lease from you, this is another option to consider. It can be a family member, a friend, or a complete stranger. Many companies act as a middleman in terms of finding someone to take over your lease from you.


To do it officially, the leasing company will often require a credit check plus transfer fees. If the person is located out-of-state, there may be some regulations to consider.


If you do chose this option, find out if you will be held liable if the person you transfer it to defaults on the lease.


Sell It

You should first ask the leasing company what the payoff amount will be. Afterwards, you can consider selling your vehicle to someone else and then paying the leasing company. Even if some of the money to the leasing company still has to come out of your own pocket, it may be cheaper than paying off the lease for the rest of its duration. This is also an option to consider if you want to avoid going over the allocated lease mileage or having damaged the vehicle in any way, shape, or form.


Word of Advice - Prepare It

No matter the option that you chose, make sure that your vehicle is properly prepared. This means washing and detailing it and checking the tire levels. You want to present your vehicle in the best possible light, as that will help minimize any penalties that you may be charged with and/or allow you to get the most value for it back as possible if you decide to sell the lease to someone or the vehicle itself.


You should also take pictures of it for your own documentation and for insurance purposes.



Ending your lease early is not impossible. Just make sure to explore all of your options before proceeding! Good luck.

How to Wax Your Vehicle Yourself

The temptation would be to take your car to a car wash to get it waxed by a professional, but you can save yourself money by doing it yourself. There are many reasons to wax your vehicle, as it helps to prevent it from becoming dirty through sealing the paint in a sense, not to mention that it also leaves your vehicle looking shiny and spotless.


One way to tell if your vehicle needs to be waxed is to pour water on it. If the water doesn't form beads on the exterior, then it could use one. It's recommended that you wax your vehicle at least a few times every single year.



So, how can you actually do it on your own? Check out the following guide:


First Prepare Your Vehicle

You can't just start waxing your vehicle right away. You have to first prepare it by giving it a thorough washing. Simply use soap and water and make sure that the exterior is clean through washing with a soft sponge and a hose. The reason why this is necessary is because the wax can stick to a clean exterior much easier if there is no dirt on it.


If the exterior paint on your car happens to be damaged or scratched a bit, you could use a polishing compound before starting the waxing process. It will make the color appear more even, not to mention also will smooth out the paint.


*Use a microfiber cloth that's slightly wet to spread and rub the polishing compound over the entire vehicle. You can then use a second microfiber cloth to wipe it away afterwards.


Make Sure the Environment is Right

You should always make sure that you wax your vehicle between 55° Fahrenheit to 85° Fahrenheit. It would be more beneficial though to be closer to the end of that spectrum. The reason why you want to make sure that you don't want to wax your car in surroundings that are too hot is because the wax will dry too fast to move it. In cold temperatures, it will also be hard to move.


An ideal place to wax your car is in  a garage, since the temperature can be more controlled in that environment and the sunlight can be kept out.


Choose the Right Wax

You should always make sure that you chose the right wax. The two main types of waxes are:


  • Cleaner Wax
  • Spray Wax


Cleaner wax is the less expensive option of the two, but it can be a bit rougher on your car, especially on the top clear coat. If you chose to use a cleaner wax, skip the polishing step mentioned above.


Spray wax is easier to use, however, one of the pitfalls of it is that it doesn't last as long as cleaner wax.


The Waxing Process

The first step is to place the wax on a foam applicator (or wet sponge), which usually comes with the wax. For every 2' x 2' part of your vehicle's exterior, use a silver dollar amount. When in doubt about how much to use, read the directions on the wax container. In addition, you should always use less than more if you're confused.


Next, always use circular motions that are overlapping and soft. You want to make sure that the wax is applied evenly over each section. Place a bit of pressure as you do it, but not too much. One helpful tip is to divide your car into various sections.


If you have access to one,  you can also use a buffer. You can place wax on the buffer itself, set it to a low setting, and place it directly on the vehicle, allowing for any imperfections to be eradicated, as well as to ensure that your vehicle is evenly waxed.


After It Has Been Applied

Once the wax has been applied, you should wait five to ten minutes before removing it. Use a clean microfiber cloth in which you wipe away the wax with gentle motions, similar to how you applied it. Switch the sides of the cloth once it becomes more difficult to swipe.


That's all there is too it! Don't be intimidated about the waxing process. Start today!

The Technology Used In Auto Transport

The technology that's being utilized in auto transport is rapidly advancing. We're not even referring to the safety features that are constantly being updated or even the refining of transportation types, such as enclosed transport. Instead, we're talking about the technology that auto transport brokers and carriers use to conduct their operations effectively so that you, the customer, can benefit.


To give you a "behind the scenes" look into the technology of auto transport, check out the following list of technology that is being utilized:


Smartphones and Tablets

You may be thinking that including smartphones on this list is archaic, since seemingly everyone has a smartphone these days. But in actuality, it took a long time for many auto transport companies to adopt the use of smartphones, as well as tablets, in terms of how it assist the transport process.


Drivers, in particular, are the ones that are benefiting from the use of smartphones and tablets the most. They are able to seamlessly update the status of their current delivery, provide detailed GPS tracking, utilize GPS services to determine the best route to take, and to stay in contact with both the auto transport carrier and broker, as well as the customer, without much delay.


For the brokers and carriers themselves, this constant connectivity to the internet allows them to find new loads seemingly everywhere. Additionally, it allows the company's cloud or web-based management system to be connected to the portable device, further improving the efficiency of the whole process.



Cloud-Based Management Systems

This technology ties in with smartphones and tablets, but the best transport companies utilize database management systems that can be accessed anywhere. With cloud technology growing in popularity and becoming the standard, its useful for allowing drivers access to real-time instructions and updates from the brokers and carriers, not to mention to input accurate information about the amount of vehicles that are being transported and both pick-up and delivery confirmation.


Brokers, for example, utilize this technology to make the whole shipping process faster for consumers, allowing for contact to be made with the carriers at much faster rates. Alert systems can be set up in which last minute changes can easily be handled, rather than delay the whole process as they used to do in the past.


Fuel Technology

Fuel technology has advanced significantly, which allows for many of the transportation trucks to get significantly more mileage per gallon. In addition, various alternative energies are starting to be utilized, such as hybrid transport vehicles. Lower fuel costs, especially with diesel fuel costing a great deal, translates into cost savings for the consumers.


Furthermore, better fuel efficiency leads to the company becoming more "green" and decreasing their carbon footprint.


Lightweight Materials

There have been significant advancements made in the manufacturing of transportation parts and the cars themselves that use fiberglass technology. This results in alloys that are extremely strong, yet also are lightweight.


This accentuates the fuel efficiency of auto transport companies, meaning that additional cost savings can arise, not to mention faster delivery times.


You can be confident that future technologies will continue to be quickly adapted by auto transport companies, since better technology equals better efficiency which leads to a better overall service provided to you, the consumer.


A-1 Auto Transport strives to stay ahead of the game when it comes to auto transport technology!

Auto Transport for Car Dealerships

As the owner of a car dealership, you must always be aware of your inventory levels, as managing them effectively can make a huge different in your level of success. One aspect of maintaining proper inventory levels is being able to adapt quickly to supply and demand.


Auto transport services, such as the services offered by A-1 Auto Transport, can help you immensely in being able to make sure that you always have the inventory that you need. In fact, it can be extremely cost-effective and can significantly increase your profit levels.



Two areas in which a car dealership will be able to benefit from hiring an auto transport company are in the following:


Auto Auctions

Many car dealerships today are using the internet to their advantage to purchase inventory from online auctions, many of which take place thousands of miles away. While they are able to acquire these vehicles, transporting across the country can prove to be a challenge at times, especially if they have purchased a high quantity.


Hiring an auto transport service will be able to provide door-to-door delivery so that your vehicle or vehicles are picked up from the auction and delivered directly to your dealership.


Contacting a high-quality auto transport company means that you'll be able to get a fairly accurate estimate of the cost of transport, so you can decide on whether or not the auction will be profitable or not.


Dealer Trades


Dealer trades are also made easier. Your newly-hired auto transport company can pick up the vehicle from either your location or the location of the vehicle(s) that is/are being delivered to you. When the first vehicle is either picked up or delivered, the second vehicle is then set out for delivery as well. In addition, both vehicles can even be delivered at the same time.


The Benefits of Hiring an Auto Transport Company

By hiring an auto transport company as a dealership, you'll be able to:


  • Keep a steady supply of vehicle inventory that is consistently updated.
  • Meet the supply and demand levels of your customers
  • Avoid delays in selling vehicles
  • Increase the profit margins of each vehicle sold


Of course, all of these benefits are dependent on you being able to manage your inventory effectively, which itself is something that not everyone knows how to do.


How to Do It


Hiring an auto transport company is quite easy, as described in some of other guides.  In short, you will need to do the following:


  • Obtain price quotes from multiple sources online
  • Inquire about transport insurance
  • Make sure the vehicles are properly prepared for transport
  • Track your vehicles
  • Inspect them after they arrive


A great site to visit to see if a transport company is reputable is the Better Business Bureau, which is located at


A-1 Auto Transport frequently deals with car dealerships and offers affordable wholesale prices. Contact us today!

Understanding Car Warranties

Having a warranty for your car is absolutely essential in protecting it against various faults and issues that aren't necessarily your fault, such as mechanical or technical issues. It is a legally-binding agreement between the buyer and the manufacturer of the car, both of whom have certain responsibilities.


There are multiple types of car warranties, so you should understand the difference between them, which the following guide will help you with.


New Car Warranties

The warranty that comes with a new vehicle mainly provides coverage in regards to mechanical, electrical, and long-term issues. These long-term issues can include the wearing out of car parts that occur a bit prematurely.


While it does depend on the length of your warranty, as long as this damage occurs during the warranty window, the car manufacturer is obligated to pay for the repairs.


Some new car warranties are good for 3 years, while others can be good up to 7 years. It really does depend on the model of the car, as well as the manufacturer.


Used Car Warranties

If a car is bought used from a used car dealer, you will still be covered under a warranty. If the original warranty has expired, a short term warranty will be added to it. It will cover the same things that a new warranty does, but the only difference is that it will only cover them for a shorter period of time.


The time varies, of course, but a short warranty can last from a month to a year. Make sure to discuss this thoroughly with the representatives in the used car dealership so that you're not faced with any surprises.


The Details of What's Covered

In the vast majority of cases, each of the warranties will contain a list of every part that it covers. There isn't a universal list of parts, as it really does depend on the warranty.


For example, some warranties might not provide coverage if consequential damage occurs, which is when one part gets damaged by the failure of another part.


Some warranties provide zero protection to any damage that occurs due to routine wear and tear. That's why you should check to see if the warranty provides coverage for normal deterioration or not.


The warranties for used cars should always be looked at more closely, since new car warranties are often much more comprehensive and liberal in what they cover. 


Sometimes you can even have the dealer change the warranty to fit your needs. Just don't purchase the vehicle first and then try to do so afterwards.


Make Sure to Follow the Rules

All warranties have been carefully devised by legal representatives. Each and every rule within it must be followed if you hope to have it honored. Remember, a car manufacturer will not do something that they're not legally obligated to do.


One such rule that often gets ignored is not bringing in the car for regular service based on specified intervals.


Purchase Extended Warranties

You can purchase extended warranties or ones that provide you with coverage after your existing warranty expires. You should shop around and see which warranty offers you the best price for the most amount of coverage.


Go through the warranty suppliers directly to obtain the best prices.


A warranty is extremely advantageous to have. Just make sure to follow the rules and check it thoroughly before committing to anything. Good luck!