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Why It's Still Necessary to Have a Car in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the United States, not to mention one of the most influential. But while most cities in the United States have excellent transportation systems, with New York City's subway system being the shining example, Los Angeles has always been criticized for having a less-than-adequate public transportation system and, partially as a result, constant heavy traffic.



This is one of the main reasons why it's still necessary to have a car in Los Angeles, though not the only one. Read on to find out more:




Los Angeles is Spread Out

For those who do not actually live in Los Angeles, the city itself is often thought of in singular terms. In actuality, however, the Los Angeles that many think of is actually a series of different cities and neighborhoods, all of which combine to form Los Angeles County. Consider the fact that West Hollywood and Santa Monica, for example, are both cities in Los Angeles County, while the City of Los Angeles itself is separate. Chances are that you will find yourself having to get to Long Beach or Manhattan Beach from Downtown Los Angeles, and not having a car can create a tremendous amount of hassle and inconvenience for you.




Your Work Proximity is Important

How far your work location is from where you live will make a big difference. LA does have a public transportation system, but it can take considerably longer to get from Point A to Point B than it would if you have a car. Buses still have to fight through traffic, and with transfers and walking to the bus stop, it can take you three to four times as long to commute to work on a daily basis. Try getting to Studio City from Santa Monica by bus as opposed to a car and you'll see what we mean.




Not Everywhere is Easily Accessible

The fact is that not everywhere in Los Angeles is easily accessible by public transportation. To get to some areas by public transportation, you'll have to transfer 3 to 4 times by bus, not to mention walk to different bus stops. A simple thing such as meeting your friends for dinner in Manhattan Beach can become a major issue if you do not have a car, as it can upwards of 3 hours to get there if you're living in West Hollywood by bus.




Lyft and Uber Costs Still Add Up

Lyft and Uber have certainly made it more convenient to get around Los Angeles without having your own car, as well as much more affordable in comparison to regular taxis. But even though taking a Lyft or an Uber is a more affordable alternative to taxis, the costs of using them still adds up. You'll be paying at least a few hundred a month (and that's a conservative estimate) if you frequently use these services. With surge pricing, expect to pay even more. But with auto financing and lease options being offered at such good rates now, you should consider leasing or purchasing a car instead.


Los Angeles is a fantastic city, but public transportation is still a major issue. Consider what's been mentioned above before deciding what to do. Good luck!

Do Auto Transport Companies Offer Payment Plans or Financing Options?

Shipping a vehicle can be expensive and out of your budget. However, for many, shipping their vehicle is essential, no matter the price, such as for those who are moving to a new city.



If you find yourself strapped for cash or unable to afford auto transport services, you may be wondering  if auto transport companies offer payment plans or financing options. The truth is that most auto transport companies do not offer payment plans or financing options because of the following reasons:




Two Separate Companies are Involved in Auto Transport

In the vast majority of instances, when you hire an auto transport company to ship your vehicle, you are going through an auto transport broker. The auto transport broker, in turn, hires an auto transport carrier to do the actual shipping. The payment that you have to make first starts with a deposit to the auto transport broker followed by paying the auto transport carrier once the vehicle has been delivered. If there were to be a payment plan or financing option put in place, this would possibly create confusion and will make the process much more difficult, as you would have to have a monthly plan in place with both the broker and the carrier.




The Auto Transport Carrier Pays a Lot Upfront

An auto transport carrier has to pay a lot upfront, especially considering the cost of gas, the road expenses, the driver's salary if he or she doesn't work independently, maintenance repairs, and so forth. Given how much they rely on cash flow to sustain their business, an auto transport carrier could not afford to wait for the payment to arrive in monthly installments, especially since there's no guarantee that the person will actually make timely payments, if at all.




Both the Auto Transport Broker and Carrier are Taking a Chance

If a person chooses to not make payments, both the auto transport broker and the auto transport carrier will be losing money. They do not have the financial resources, such as a bank, to try and collect late payments, so if they do not get paid, it can be catastrophic to their business operations, especially due to the high overhead costs that they have. It's nothing personal against the customer, but dishonesty is a reality, and the auto transport industry is not immune from it. That's why auto transport companies are extremely strict in terms of their payment requirements.




Credit Cards Could Be an Option 

Putting more on your credit card than you can afford and carrying a month-to-month balance as a result is not recommended, but if you have no other choice, it is an option. This version of a payment plan is a workaround over the fact that most auto transport companies do not offer one. Just make sure to check ahead of time with the auto transport company about whether or not they accept credit card payments.


At A-1 Auto Transport, we always make sure to provide our customers with affordable prices. Make sure to contact us today for your free no obligation quote. We'll do our best to work with your budget!

The Benefits of Snowbird Auto Transport

There are many different reasons why people may have a need for auto transport services. One type of reason falls under the category known as "snowbird auto transport." Snowbird auto transport is actually something that many people do unknowingly, since it's not an official label or offered service by name.



For those curious as to what it is, make sure to read on, as it's actually an extremely important contributor to auto transport companies's sales.




So What Exactly is Snowbird Auto Transport?

Snowbird auto transport is characterized by someone who uses an auto transport service to ship their vehicle from one part in the United States during the end of winter or at the start of spring and then, eventually, ships their vehicle back to the origin location during the end of the summer or the fall. It's done based on the four seasons, namely summer and winter.




What's the Point?

The reason why people may have a need for snowbird auto transport services are that it allows them to live in a part of the United States during the summer where it is more mild, rather than scorching hot, and during the winter, allows them to live in a warmer area where the chance of extremely cold weather is less. It is obviously something that many people can't afford to do, as it would imply having two homes, but nonetheless, there is a large amount of people that do this every single year.




What Are the Most Common Snowbird Routes?

The most common snowbird route is from Florida to New York and vice-versa, depending on the time of the year. In fact, the south and the northeast in general are the most common routes. Other areas where it can be popular is in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest, as some of these areas can experience harsh winters. In other parts of the country, there isn't the need for snowbird auto transport, such as in Los Angeles or Phoenix, where the weather is similar throughout the year.




Its Importance to Auto Transport Companies

Auto transport companies rely on a certain amount of expected snowbird auto transport every year. It's a reliable source of revenue for them, and due to its importance, they always offer fast service along the most common routes, not to mention affordable prices as well. Snowbird auto transporters are a valued customer base for these companies, especially since many of them can become repeat customers. Auto transport companies want to make sure that they win their loyalty.


At A-1 Auto Transport, we have a wealth of experience in providing reliable and affordable snowbird auto transport services. We will be able to quickly arrange for your vehicle to be transported to your destination and will do our best to make sure that it's done so without any delay. If you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to call us. Make sure to also contact us today for your free no obligation quote!



Shipping a Parts Car

When one thinks of auto transport services, usually what comes to mind is shipping a standard automobile. But an additional, though less common, type of auto transport service that people may have the need for is shipping a parts car.



Shipping a parts car isn't too complicated to do, but there are some things that people should be aware of about the process. Here's what you should know:




Wait, What Exactly IS a Parts Car?

A parts car is not your typical vehicle. Instead, it's a vehicle that is not fully operational and doesn't actually "run." Additionally, a parts car may actually have some parts missing and/or could have significant damage to it, both internally and externally. In other words, it is not actually a complete vehicle nor is it intended to be.




Why Would People Need to Ship a Parts Car?

There are a few reasons why people may want to ship a parts car, but the main reason is that people may need some specific parts from it. Obtaining specific parts from a parts car, especially rare ones, can be more cost effective than having to buy the parts individually online or from a dealer. Auto mechanics and extreme car enthusiasts in particular are big proponents of this method.




Are They Difficult to Ship?

The problem with shipping a parts car is that they can be extremely difficult to actually transport. Since they're not fully operational, this can cause issues for the auto transport carrier in loading them and unloading them onto their trucks. Furthermore, parts cars can also be irregular in shape, including missing wheels, bumpers, and doors, which means that they will have to be towed or placed on a auto transport trailer through a special apparatus or machine.


All of this translates into the auto transport driver having to spend more time loading and unloading the vehicles. For example, a winch is often used to place a non-operating vehicle onto a trailer, but the problem is that many auto transport carriers may not have one readily available, which will cause a delay in the process as they try to acquire one.




Let the Auto Transport Company Know Ahead of Time

You need to let the auto transport company know from the very beginning if you need to ship a parts car. Some auto transport companies may not ship parts cars and others may have to spend more time arranging it. That's why you should always let them know as far in advance as possible in order to avoid any delays in your shipping time. You should also expect to pay a bit more to ship a parts car.


At A-1 Auto Transport, we'll be able to handle your parts car shipping needs. Our expert customer service team will be able to advise you on your best options and to answer any of your questions, especially if this is your first time shipping a parts car. Make sure to contact us today for your free no obligation quote!




Shipping a Motorhome

It's not every day when someone wants to ship a motorhome, since the very nature of motorhomes means that they're built for road trips themselves. However, in some instances, there  may be the need to have a motorhome shipped by an auto transport company.



Because of the logistical issues associated with it, as well as being a less commonly-offered service, there are certain things that people have to be aware of if they wish to do so. Here's some helpful information and tips on shipping a motorhome:




It's Going to Cost Much More 

Compared to the prices of standard auto transport, shipping a motorhome is going to certainly cost much more due to a few different reasons. The reasons why shipping a motorhome will be more expensive are:

  • It needs a special carrier;
  • It increases the gas usage for carriers;
  • It can't be transported with other vehicles or along common carrier routes.

First, a motorhome will need a special carrier to transport it. In the vast majority of cases, a flatbed trailer will have to be used due to the size and logistical aspects of shipping a motorhome.  In some circumstances, if a motorhome is particularly big, it will have to be towed rather than traditionally shipped.


Second, because of the heavy weight of a motorhome, not to mention its size, it will have a poor fuel economy for the auto transport carrier. Naturally, if a carrier has much higher fuel costs, they will charge a higher price in order to ensure that they remain profitable. Otherwise, it may not be worth it financially for the carrier.


Lastly, a motorhome has to be transported individually and can't be combined with other vehicles on an open or enclosed trailer. This means that a carrier can't maximize its travel time in terms of profits and that you won't be able to be eligible for any discounts in shipping multiple vehicles.




Prepare for a Longer Shipping Time

An auto transport broker will have to spend more time in finding a carrier that can transport a motorhome, especially if any special equipment is needed. Because of this, the transportation will most likely be longer in comparison to normal auto transportation times. That's why you should plan ahead if you have a specific date in mind in which you'll need your motorhome delivered to its final destination.


Another thing to note is that if you live far away from an urban center or in an area with extremely narrow or steep roads, you may have to work with the auto transport carrier to have your vehicle picked up and/or delivered at an agreed upon location.


At A-1 Auto Transport, we have a considerable amount of experience in helping to transport motorhomes and will be able to arrange this for you as quickly as possible. We'll be happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding how to ship a motorhome. Make sure to contact us today for your free no obligation quote!