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Motorcycle Shipping Cost Calculator

When shipping a motorcycle, it is important to get a range of quotes, so you can decide which best meets your needs while staying in your budget.  There are many ways to obtain quotes, you can submit an online request, call the company directly, or use a motorcycle shipping cost calculator. 



The last option is probably the easiest because it allows you to do little to no effort on your end, and just let the cost calculator run the numbers.  However, it is important to follow up after the fact to determine directly with the motorcycle transport company that the quote is correct.  Because the cost calculators do not necessarily take into account all of your personal circumstances, there is a margin of error.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to ask also if you may qualify for a discount when you speak directly to a representative.  The following are the basic pieces of information you will need in order to obtain an accurate quote from a shipping cost calculator.


  • Point of Origin - Where does the bike need to be picked up from? It helps to specify if this is a business, residence, or port.
  • Destination - Where does the bike need to end up? Again, specifics regarding destination location are helpful.
  • Type of Bike - Style, make, and model is a good jumping-off point.
  • Type of Carrier - Do you want your motorcycle transported in an open carrier? This is thee most cost-efficient option and also the most widely used.  Would you prefer your motorcycle to be better protected in a closed container?  This option is more expensive because a closed container takes up more space and weighs more, but is a safer transport option.


Again, these questions may not be enough to generate an accurate quote, especially if you have extenuating circumstances, like if your bike is nonoperational or it has customizations that affect size or weight.  Just keep that in mind when utilizing online motorcycle shipping cost calculators, and prepare to follow up with the company directly to obtain a final quote.

Motorcycle Shipping Charges

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to ship your motorcycle, you are probably a bit in the dark regarding what exactly the process entails and how much you can expect to spend.  



The bad news is it can be a costly endeavor, the good news is the benefit of shipping is real and palpable.  The following factors are part of what goes into determining the cost of shipping your bike:


  • Type of Motorcycle - Whether you are looking to ship a sport bike, a chopper, or a daily commuter, the type of motorcycle does have an impact on the price. Most auto transport companies will have experience shipping all different kinds, but some may not have the specific equipment, so you can expect to pay more in those situations.
  • Distance Shipped - If you are requesting to have your nonoperational motorcycle shipped across town, you will definitely pay much less than someone having a bike shipped across country. You can expect to pay even more if you need to ship internationally.
  • Closed Container vs. Open Carrier - There are two main types of shipping containers, open and closed. While open is the most common, it also has inherent risks because your motorcycle will be exposed to elements, and although unlikely, it can be cosmetically damaged in transit.  Closed containers are safer, but take up much more space, allowing less bikes to be transported at once, making it more expensive for you.
  • Potential Import Fees - This final factor ONLY applies to international shipping, but it is significant if you indeed are shipping out of the country. Your motorcycle will be subject to the import taxes and fees of the destination country which are usually calculated based on the bike’s value.  Certain countries will impose fees that can equate to the total value of the bike itself, or even more.


Depending on your personal circumstances for needing your motorcycle shipped, whether you are moving across country or selling/buying a new bike, the option of shipping and avoiding the wear and tear of a long road trip definitely makes this a worthwhile option.  It may seem like a lot of money, but it is definitely a great investment in prolonging the life of your bike.



Low Cost Car Transportation

If you need to ship a vehicle internationally or domestically, you will be faced with countless auto transport companies vying for your business.  It is important to figure out exactly what you need, so you can find a company that is able to meet and exceed your expectations. 



Although, you may assume that companies charging more will offer better service, if you subscribe to the adage, “you get what you pay for,” in this industry, that is simply not the case.  Take your time shopping around and thoroughly vetting any prospective companies before making a commitment.  It is absolutely possible to find a reputable and reliable auto transport company that is able to provide you with great service without breaking the bank by following these steps.



Step 1. Search Online 

Many companies provide free online quote calculators that will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.  Others offer online live chat options or will call you or follow up with an e-mail providing you a quote for free.  Once you have narrowed it down to a few companies that fit your needs and budget, check online review websites such as Yelp and verify their standing with the Better Business Bureau to ensure they have a great reputation for good service.



Step 2. Contact Company Directly 

This is important because it is crucial to have an actual contact within the company you can reach if there are ever any issues with your car transport process.  It will also allow you to form your own general opinion of their professionalism and make sure they live up to their reputation.  Be wary of companies pushing an immediate sale on you, because if their price and quote are good, then those tangible factors should be enough to sway you in their direction.



Step 3. Verify Insurance Limits Are Sufficient

All auto transport companies are required by law to carry an industry minimum level of insurance, but depending on what type of vehicle you are shipping, you may need to inquire about and possibly purchase more.  A high dollar or luxury vehicle may not be adequately covered by standard levels, and you do not want to tempt fate when it comes to your car.



Step 4. Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

The auto transport company you select should give you exact rules regarding preparation, but it is always a good idea to make sure your gas tank is less than ¼ full and you should remove any items on  the vehicle that could be damaged in transport.  The weight of the vehicle plays a factor in cost, so make sure you don’t leave any personal items in the trunk or in the seating area as well.


Obviously, the distance of transport does play a huge factor in the cost of shipping a vehicle, but there are so many other variables as well.  With a little patience, a lot of research, and common sense, you can be shipping your car the low cost way in no time at all.



International Car Shipping from the USA

Making the decision to ship your vehicle internationally from the USA is not one to be taken lightly.  So much time, effort, and money goes into the process that you must first determine that it is in your best interest to complete this undertaking. 



There are three primary factors that go into the decision as to whether or not to ship your vehicle internationally,  and you must consider each before moving forward.



Is it legal?

Many countries have very strict import laws regarding personal vehicles, so you must research these rules and regulations to ensure your vehicle is in compliance.  Some countries have a strict no personal vehicle import rule, although exceptions can be made for classic cars or specialty vehicles.  Other countries just require the vehicle be of a certain model year or newer.  Still others have very high emissions standards that vehicles from the US may not necessarily comply with.  Contact the Consulate of your destination country to learn the rules and determine if your vehicle is able to be legally imported before making any final decisions.



Is is cost-efficient?

Some countries will impose import taxes and fees that far surpass the value of the entire vehicle, which may make no sense if your personal vehicle can be purchased for less than that upon your arrival.  If this is the case, consider selling your current car and buying new or used when you arrive.  However, if your personal vehicle is not available, has sentimental value, or perhaps is considered a one-of-a-kind, then you may still choose to pay higher duties and taxes in order to have your vehicle shipped.  Keep in mind that the country’s import taxes and fees do not include the cost of the transport itself, so you will want to determine the total expected cost before committing to transport.



Can you find an auto transport company you trust?

If you have decided that it is both legal and cost efficient to ship your vehicle internationally from the United States, then you will need to find a reputable auto transport company to handle the shipping process itself.  This step may make the previous two feel like a walk in the park.  There are innumerable companies out there itching to get your business and it is up to you to find a trustworthy one capable of shipping vehicle internationally without incident.  Make sure you find one with extensive international experience, as well as a stellar reputation.  Go with your gut when contacting potential companies.  If something seems “off,” then move on to the next.  Beware companies that demand full payment up front or lowball the competition drastically, as in much of life,  if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, in which case you can plan on kissing your vehicle and your money goodbye.  Take your time comparing quotes and find a company that makes you and your vehicle feel valuable.  Although this will take some time on your part, the payoff of the peace of mind provided is priceless.  Once you have selected a great company, take comfort in knowing your vehicle is being shipped in the best hands possible.

International Car Shipping from California

If you have decided to leave the sunny beaches and beautiful weather of the great state of California, you will need to make some very specific arrangements.  These arrangements are even more overwhelming and potentially time-consuming if you are moving internationally. 



One of the most important factors to consider will be the transport of your personal motor vehicle.  Depending on the country to which you are moving, you may not have the option to ship your car there, as some countries import laws are stricter than others.  Even if legally, you are allowed to bring your vehicle, you will want to determine the financial repercussions and decide if it is even worth the cost involved.  It is in your best interest to follow the steps below when making arrangements to ship your vehicle internationally from California.


  • Research Customs and Import Law of your Destination Country - As previously stated, certain countries do not allow the import of vehicles from the United States, while others may require that they be of a certain model year or newer, or pass stringent emissions regulations. You can often find out this information by looking at the Consulate website of your destination country, but if you have no luck there, feel free to reach out to the embassy for more information.  Sometimes, they may even be able to provide you with the costs associated in regards to import taxes and fees.  If not, you will need to move on to the next step.
  • Find Out the Cost to Import Your Vehicle - This can be the step during which you determine that it is not cost-efficient to ship your vehicle after all. You may determine that the cost alone of shipping, added to the import fees and taxes, makes this a fruitless endeavor.  However, if you have a high-dollar vehicle, or a car that has sentimental value for which price of shipping is no object, then you may choose to ship your car anyway.  Remember that oftentimes, you will essentially need too ship your vehicle from California to a port on the East Coast and then from that port to the final destination country.  Because this is composed of two long stretches of travel, expect for a much longer transport time and increased cost of transfer.
  • Research and Select an Auto Transport Company - Once you have determined that it is still beneficial to ship your car internationally from California, your next step will be to determine what company you trust to perform the transport. Seek out a company with experience in international shipping, high qualifications, and an impeccable history of services.  The more time you have to research and select a company, the better, but if you don’t have much time, try to find a reputable auto transport company with a quality of service and professionalism that surpasses all others.
  • Finally, Prepare Vehicle for Pick-Up and Patiently Await Arrival - Auto transport companies will provide you with a checklist specifying what you must do to prepare your vehicle for transport, including draining your gas tank to less than ¼ full, emptying your vehicle of all personal belongings, and removing all after market items that might be damaged during transport. Remember that your vehicle has a long road of transport ahead of it, so recognize that the transport time period may be much longer than you expected.